Evening Session At Columbia College, New York City,

Wednesday, May 20, 1891
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American Institute Of Electrical Engineers - Transactions May zo, 1891 EVENING SESSION, AT COLUBIAIIIA cor,1.n<;E, New Your L’I'l`\', June 20th, 1891 THE Cruimisx (llicc-Presiilent Thoinxis I). l,or:l<\vootl) :-I have the honor now of introducing to you Mr. Nikola Tesla, who will deliver a leetu|'e on “Ilxperiments with Alternating Cur- rents oflI\gl1l7`reqnency_” I\I\~nil»crs of the Institute will recollect that it was Mr. Tesla who first ln-ought heforc the Institute and the pnhlic at large the possihility mul prolmaliility of electric motors operated by alternating currents. I mn quite sure that the lecture he has to give ns this evening and the experiments which will il- Iustrate it, will be worthy of our most earnest consideration and our most profound attention. I wish to cull attention on this occasion to the fact that the circumstance that Mr. Tesla is not an An1erii~an-born is only one more ingredient in the history of electricity which shows that electricity is cosmopolitan. The dilferent mile stones of progress in electricity as applied to the arts, show us nothing more clearly than they sho\v that. From the time when electricity was given its nanne by (lilhert, to the present, every civilized nation and many inflivitluals of many nations have contributed to the grand whole.