An Announcement: Tesla Invites Members To Laboratory

Wednesday, May 16, 1888
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From this curve the currents for intermediate positions of the coil may be determined and the degree of accuracy of which the instrument is capable may be estimated.

The chairman read the communication from the secretary of the electrical club, which had been presented at the annual meeting on the previous day, inviting members of the institute to visit the house of the Electric Club.

The chairman: - I have another announcement to make in regard to Mr. Tesla's motor. I believe that this motor - Mr. Tesla can correct me if I am not right - is the first good alternating current motor that has been put before the public anywhere -is that not so, MR. Tesla?? and he says that the system can be seen in practical operation at 89 Liberty street, second floor, and he invite you al to come and see ti . (Applause.)

The next meeting of the institute will take place on June 12, and Mr. F. J. Sprague will read a paper on the "The Engineering Problems of Electrical Railway Work," and I hope that all will be present so as to lend the scientific atmosphere that is needed for papers of this class, to the occasion (This meeting was subsequently postponed to June 19th.)

The general meeting then adjourned.