Left Property Here - Skips - Sheriff's Sale

Thursday, March 22, 1906
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The Colorado Springs Evening Telegraph March 22 1906 EEET PRUPERTY HERE; SKIP3; SHERIEFS SALE TESLA. FAMOUS INVENTOR, ENDS COLORADO CAREER. EXPERIKENTB AT N03 HILL NOT - SUCCESSFUL. The beginning of the end nf Nlvolu Tesla :ml his experlmenxn lu power' \I'Bhll1\|||lf0ll ln the rarcfled _ulr nf the Plke'| Peak region, wan wlmenod by I Cllrionl ¢‘ro\\'1l of oleclrlclnnn nnclhthe unual "sidewalk co|mnllle<~," at the |\l:erll'f‘|| Hale of the Nob hlll lllllon oqulpmcnl, ul the court homie lhls mornlng. l"r0m a b\ll|!l(‘Hl [mlm of vlew, lhre mule 4-anno! ‘bv 1-hronlclvfl un n |uc~vo~n, for properly nald to lm worth $4,000 failed lo null for vnuugll \-Q q;0\'pr_ (lm jmlglnelll ofnnproxlmnloly $1.100 sland- ||\;; lgalnnl ll. A Hn'-rlmfm of tlm nlnughtcr ln values can hr morn ln llm dllposal of one of the nrllulvs, nn clou- trlcnl transformer. which went for about $l0, pr one-trnlh lu mnrlwt vulu¢~. 'Elm apparatus was hldedn ln by C. J. Duffner. who hold tha judgmenl on which Ihr mln wma based. The lhm~rlf{'»\ hammer had hardly falle-n, however, ufhell lhle \¥'llllf0l'\1\!l‘ wal ntuu-hM’I by an offlrfr, under Ellll\l‘\|l‘l|0ll from County Trelxulrn-r C. (A. Pollen, who 1-lllmnd $80 ln turn. 'I‘l\ln thrown (hs latex nn the purrhuu-r. hut sllll leaves u mood mowfln of \vfol'l¥. The l’)u|‘Ynrr judzlnent \\'s|n ||»rur<~d for nervlovn an cnrotnker. 'l‘m|la 4-mime ln Colorado Spring ln Mny. 1899, and .rrmnlnvd unlll uw following Jnnuary. :whoa ho -nuwaod so New York. Hn. .sxpnalnd an umm la aus s-up have 1 q~vrr,.l;ut .noon after ronchlnx Now Yorkl hvrlmn lnlerontfrl ln ll new nlnllnn on f-lty. llln nctlnmu would lndlcue that Colorado flprlnln and 'hln work horn dropped from hln mr-mary, for he u'l- lowed hls Properly lo gn at nhorllfn mln und, rn led to pny his bllll. nr cven the accruing taxes. .___._.._..