Tesla's New Laboratory

Friday, October 17, 1902
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54 THE ELECTRICAL ENGINEER, OCTOBER 17, 1902. Tesla‘s New Laboratory.-In a recent issue of the Electrical Worl/Z illustrations are given of the ne\v Tesla laboratory at Wa.rdenclyfT, and of the large tower erected near by for experiments in wireless telegraphy and the transmission of power. The reasons which have induced Mr. Tesla to erect his new laboratory 65 miles away from New York are given in a short article. Amongst these is they isolation of this expert from the reporters of the daily papers. If this can only bc accomplished we think,that the move will lic a most valuable one, but wc are afraid that Mr. Tesla will not be free from the effects of the encouragement which he has given to these gentlemen in the past. With respect to the tower, we regret that no dimensions are given. It consists of a vertical cone ofviron gircler work, on the top of which there appears from the illustration to be a large disc. It is said that the tower stands on a hollow base excavated in the ground and of practically equal rlimensions There is only one small building near the tower, and from the character of this we infer that the height of the tower is considerably over 150ft. It will be interesting to see whether the announcements concerning the object and use of this tower will be com» mnnicated first to a scientific society, or to the reporter of one of the New York newspapers.