Tesla Out-Tesla'ed

Friday, September 1, 1893
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THE ELECTRICAL ENGINEER, SEPTEMBER 1, 1893. 195 Tesla. Out-Teslafed.--We are waiting with some degree of impatience the receipt of information with respect to a wonderful performance that was announced to take place at Cleveland, Ohio, a fortnight ago. Mr. J. E. de Leon-styled “the young electrician of Buffalo, and possible rival of Edison" (E !)-was, on the 13th ult., to give a notable exhibition at Forest City Park. A modest advertisement sets forth that he “handles the current with perfect ease and safety, walking on a bare wire charged from the arc lighting circuit, which is powerful enough to kill an ordinary man, his body meanwhile being brilliantly illuminated by the current which is conducted through it." l\Tr do Loon-who might safely be called Coeur do Leon- is a dangerous man, unless his morals are of the highest order, for evidently the electrocution system would fail in his case, and he might kill, murder, or slay with impunity. Stay, though ; they are said to give morphine first, and that is possibly an antidote to Mr. de Leon’s “ apparatus, entirely of his own invention and construction, exhibiting inventive genius of a high order.”