Westinghouse Apparatus And The Tesla System Adopted At Niagara Falls

Wednesday, November 1, 1893
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NOV-'1,1893.] THE E’LEC"I`R!CL\L ENGINEER. -899 WESTTNOHOUBE APPARATUS AND THE TBBLA SYSTEM ADOPTED AT NIAGARA FALLS. Trm Cxranac-1' Oousraucnon .Com>arw, has finally, aftera long and thorough investigation *of all the means submitted for transmitting power at Niagara, awarded the contra/ot to the West- inghouse Company who will employ the Tesla multiphase system. The introduction of multipbase currents was some time since determined upon, but after protracted examination the Cataract Company settled upon the two~phase plan, this being recognized as the most flexible and remunerative in commercial exploitation. 'The contract primarily calls for three generators of 5,000 h. p. each with corresponding motors and accessories. The revulving fields of the generators will be constructed with inwardly ,pre- jecting poles and will revolve in a horizontal plane, being mounted upon the vertical shafts of the turbines. The weight of the shafts, turbines and armatures is to be carried by the upward pressure ol the water-columns producing the heads for the turblnes. The E. M. F. generated will be 2,000 to 2,400 volts and will be increased by step-up transformers for long-distance transmission and .lowered by reducing transformers for distribution. The motors will be the twopbase Tesla. The system adapts itself readily to the use of motor generators or rotary trans ormers so that it is possible to develop either single-phase alternating currents or cou- tinuous currents of any desired E. M. F. as may be reciuired for the uses of individual customers. It is expected that a arge amount of power will be employed for manufacturing purposes, arc and incandescent lighting, electrolytic work and power purposes gen- orally. It is also understou that the comseny contemplates sending current at high electromotive forces to uifalo and greater distances to be used for lighting and power purposes. The work upon the apparatus has already been begun and it will be installed at the earliest possible date. This is a high tribute to the Westinghouse Company, end not less so to the merits of the multiphase system. Trade Notes and Novelties