News And Notes: Mr. Tesla On Thermo Electricity

Wednesday, December 23, 1896
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December23,1896] THE ELECTRICAL ENGINEER. 655 NEWS AND NOTES. MR. TESLA ON THERMO ELECTRICITY. In a. letter to the editor of the Bnffnlo Enquirer, Mr. Nlkoln Tesla replles as follows In regard to nn inquiry on the sub- ject of the future of cleelrlclty: “The transmission of power has interested me not only as a technical problem, but fur more in its bearing upon the welfare of mankind. l'n this sense I have expressed myself ln n lechlre, delivered some time nge. "Slnce electrlcnl lrunsnulsslon of energy ln n process inuch inure econonilunl than any other we know of, it necessnrlly nnlst play an linportnnt port in the future, nu nnxlter how the prinmry energy is derived from the sun. Of all the ways the ntlllzntlon of a waterfall seems to be the simplest nlnl least wasteful. Even if we could, by combining carbon ln a buttery, convert the work ot' the chemlcal combination into electrical energy with very high economy, such mode ut ob- taining power would, ln my opinion, he no more than :L niere xn:1kcshlt’t, bound to be replaced sooner or later hy n more perfect method, which implies no consnmlltion ut’ any ninte- rlnl whatever.