Tesla On High Frequency Generators

Tuesday, April 1, 1919
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909 ELECTRICAL EXPERIMENTER TESLA ON HIGH FREQUENCY GENERATORS. Editor, Enecnuc/n, Exrcnrmsnrexz It is to be regretted that a letter addrest to me by Mr. J. Harris Rogers, in your care, was published in the march number of the Eu:c1'rncA|. Exrsnxmanrm, altho the concur- rence of our views in some wireless fea- tures might have made this desirable to so wide-a\vake and enterprising a periodical as yours. Mr. Rogers seems to be a very aptprecia- tive gentleman and nothing would be arther from my thoughts than to detract anything from his merit, but in a separate contribu- tion, which I expect to prepare for your next issue, I shall express myself on this subject without prejudice and in tl\e inter- est of truth. However, the article by your Mr. H. Winfield Secor on "America's Great- est War Invention-The Rogers Under- ground Wireless" contains a reference to "a novel and original high frequenc gener- ator" of Mr. Rogers’ invention. I*/Yay I not -to use the President's elegant expression -call attention to the fact that this device was described by me years ago, as will be evident from the following excerpt of a communication which appeared in the Elec- trical Ke-view of March 15, 1899. In speak- ing oi circuit controllers, I said: “I may mention here, based on a different principle, which is incomparably more etiective, more efhcient, and also simpler on the whole. It comprises a fine stream oi conductin fluid which is made to issue, with any tizsired speed, from an orifice connected with one pole of a generator, thru the primary of the induction coil, against the other terminal of the generator placed at a small distance. This device gives discharges of a remark- able suddenness, and the frequency may be (Couliinmd on /:nyc 914) April, l 9 I 9 TESLA ON HIGH FREQUENCY GENERATORS. (Cnnlilutcd from page 909) brought within reasonahle limits, almost to anithing desired. I have used this de- vice or a long time in connection with or- dinary coils and in a form of my own coil with results greatly superior in every re- spect to those obtainable \vith the form of your letter, make a few statements referring to such make-and-break devices in general. and various iorms based on this new prin- ciple." I may add that a great many forms of this apparatus were constructed and em- ployed by me for a long time, proving very convenient and useful. Water does not give particularly good results, being incapable of causing very ahrupt clmn;zcs, hut electro- lytes have the prnpc|~ty uf iliunuishing vnnr- mously in resistance when they are heatetl and the effects are much more intense. Salts of lithium are especially eflicient. NIKOLA TESLA. New York, February 20, 1919.