The Oracle - Tesla Coil & Gessler Tube Hook-ups

Tuesday, July 1, 1919
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240 ELECTRICAL EXPERIMENTER July, l9l9 Z ,.4_ _ . . ' - ~ . ~ , "l V 4 F ¢ \ _ 1 ' ' I ,_ 4; | The "Oracle" Is for the sole benefit of all electrical experlmenters. Questions will be » _ mime.-ed here for the benefit of \l, b L 1 an f rn s _ ' ' , '* Rules under which questions wllll be `s`ns'i~l\e\¥ed¥i er D su 0 Em' imereqt Wm be puhhsm' ,. l. Only three questions can be submitted to be answered. \9 in lik gnlyjgnéuslfifinngitiheggrfgdlgggrltten on; matter xnusl be tynewrllten or else wrltten n. 'sm-¢¢|\n», l|4_\‘ Iilrrlririlv, is used for rlruring/ rtnmjv mul for/.'f.¢lr¢‘1u1| prop- 2 E 5 . . vrry, blasting irriyulillr zlilrlrrs, und rllanging ilu* course rr rizfcrx. "Expcrirnmls in P y.vic.i"-A nczu rrrivx. No. 1, /wr/vcluul malion, und /fa/mlar fullacies concerning it ex- /vlodrd. By Jalm ]. Furia, Dcparia 1nrnt af Plxyricx, New York Unizfrr- ; sity. _ "Loop Aute»ma¢"’-An. article of interest lu all "l'Vir¢'lc'ss Bugs.” By Pruf. Lloyd M. Knoll. 3 "ll|'1wnliun nf flu' Crystal Da.’lL'rtur" -by Grvrnlauf lVlxiIIier Pickard. gm!ll!lIllIlHIlIlllllIlIllIllllllllIliIIlIllIlllllIIlIlIllIllIllIllllHIIIIlllllllllIIIIIIIIllllllllllilIlllllllllllllllllllllé; TESLA AND OUDIN COIL DATA. (10113) E. W. Thatcher, Oberlin, Ohio, wants ata: Q. 1. For building Tesla and Ofxdin C01 S. A. l. We refer you to co y of this magazine wherein you will linclu the enm- plclc construction of a Tcsln high irc- quency coil, also the Ondiu coil. The arti- gle in Question appeared in the May, 1917, issue o the ELECTRICAL EXPERIMENTLR.