Nikola Tesla

Wednesday, March 1, 1893
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THE ELECTRICAL ENGINEER FEBRUARY 28 1890 Nikola. Tesla..-The Electrical World for February 15 contains a portrait and biography of Nikola Tesla, the talented young electrician whose name suddenly came into prominence from the publication of his work on alternate- current motors. His native place was Smiljan, Lika, in the border regions of Dalmatia and Montenegro, touching Austria. His father was a clergyman of the Greek Church, and he himself was also destined to hea clergyman, but the fates and his own tastes ruled it quite otherwise. He graduated at Carlstatt in 1873, afterwards carrying on his studies at Gratz and at Prague under circumstances of con» sirlerable difficulty, taking a berth eventually as assistant in Government telegraph department at a. pound or so a week to keep himself going. In 1881 he went to Paris and after- wards to Strasbourg. Then he crossed to America, where he applied himself with indefatigable vigour, and in 1887 the Tesla Electric Company was formed. It was soon after this that his celebrated paper on motors appeared. Mr. Tesla is 33 years of age, tall, spare, and refined, and he speaks at least half-a-dozen languages.