Transmission Of Power By Alternating Currents

Saturday, January 21, 1893
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January 21 1895 ELECTRICAL REVIEW 261 Transmission of Power by Alternating Currents, A patent recently issued to Nikola Tesla describes a system of transmission of power for which Mr. Tesla dled an application in 1888, in which the number of poles in the motor are less than the number of poles in the generator, thus permitting the motor lo be operated at low speed, although the gen- erator may be developing impulses of com- paratively high frequency. Mr. 'I‘esla’s ap* paralua is illustrated in the accompanying engraving, wherein is shown, in Flg. 1, a dia- gram of a generator having a constant iield magnet circuit and provided with an arma- ture having two sets of coils adapted to de- liver quarter-phase currents into an external circuit. The generator isshownas provided with eight poles, and in Fig. 2 is shown ax motor which may be operated by being con- nected to the four leads running from the generator. The motor having our poles and the generator eight poles, the motor will run at half the speed of the generator.