Westinghouse Sues General Electric On The Tesla Patents

Wednesday, March 22, 1899
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ELECTRICAL REVIEW March 22, 1899 183 WESTINGHOUSE SUES GENERAL ELECTRIC ON THE TESLA PATENTS. The following important informa- tion is received by the ELECTRICAL REVIEW just as it goes to press. lt would indicate that some new features have entered into the big electric lighting deal in New York ,city. There is also a rumor thu.t this is un entering wedge in the split tliatis said to be likely to come between the Gen- eral Electric and Westinghouse in- terests in the matter of their patent agreement. The electrical field will view with much interest and concern this new move. The statement the ELECTRICAL REVIEW has received is as follows : The suit referred to in your inquiry is doubtless the suit which the West- inghouse company has instituted in the Circuit Court of the United States for the Northern District of New York, to enjoin the General Electric Oompany from delivering multi- phase apparatus covered by the Tesla patents to the Edison Elec- tric Illuminating Company of New York. The suit is brought un- der the agreement relating to patents which the General Electric and West- inghouse companies entered into in March, 1896, and the Westinghouse company contends that the apparatus in question can not be delivered by the General Electric Company to the New York Edison company because of the exclusive license under the Tesla patents which the Westing- house Oompanry}’s licensee in New York city, the nited Electric Light and Power Company, has held for many years. The bill was filed ut Utica, Tuesday, March 21, and the motion for a. preliminary injunction is returnable Tuesday, April 4.