Notes: Mr. Tesla's Lecture Before Franklin Institute

Friday, June 9, 1893
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ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING. INDUSTRY AND SCIENCE. PRIC E Fl) UIIPENCE No. 7 86.-Von. XXXI. FRIDAY, JUNE 9, 1893. A,,,,,,,, S,,,,,,_,,,,,,,,,,,_K_,_',,,,, NOTES. ;,____ Ma. Nucom Tesx.A’s lecture, delivered in February last before the Franklin Instituto at Philadelphia, and before the National Electric Light Association in l\[arch, has now been published in the American papers, and the first part of an abstract of it will be found in another column. On the whole, it is a disappointment, but Mr. T|ssLr\'s work is difficult to appreciate. The lecture begins with a long introduction on the value of vision as a connecting link between our consciousness and tho world we live in. This leads to the consideration of light, and our abstract begins \vith the experimental part of the lecture. From u very large number of experiments having no very clear connection, we have selected those which are either novel, or \vhich may be said to he self-contained. Many of those who have watched Mr. 'l‘\;sLA’s work would like to see him concentrate his ener- gics on some definite object, experimental rather than specu- lative, and having a direct bearing either on the eluci- dation of some branch of electrical or clectro~optical science, or seine utilitarian application. When we heard that many of his new lamps were patented, we expected that he would undertake an Edison-like investigation and produce some useful result. On the other hand, he might have turned oil on the purely scientific lines of Prof. J. J. Tuonrsox, lines which, we should think, would be more agreeable to Mr. NIKOLA Tesm than mera inventing. If a. few quantitative deterininations of current, voltage, or even of frequency, had been given in the lecture, it would have lmd u dednite 140 '|`l-TE EIJQITRTCIAN, JUNE 9, 1893. scientific value. To reduce even one out of the fifty experi» ments to a. complete research, would be worth all the other forty-nine brilliant and suggestive demonstrations.