Letter: Electricity Without Wires

Wednesday, January 1, 1896
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The New York Herald january 1. 1896 Electricity Without Wlrel. To :rum'En1'rou or 'nm l{HRALDZ- ln reply to your queatlnn me to what discovery would do most to better our eomllllon, ln my oplalrm the demonstration that the earth'u electrical eblrgu mn be dlstrthuted. und thrwhy eleetrlenl WIIYBI eEl~ 4-leutly tmnsmlttell to any ullltunce wlthont the un of eubles or wlren, would ln- the mont benellclnl. :The eonveylng ol' umtlve powqr from nourrréi auch as Nlnguru lu thls munuer to any place. however te- mote. would increase runny tlmen the productlve (!Kl|¥§l(‘li)' ot manklnd. lt would ln-tug mlllloul of miserable creatures from the dnrkneas ot the coal pits to the llght ht day. lt would cattle ll klmlet feeling lo spring up between the weak and the l\¥0D¢r which would lend to n generous urljuuttneut of the evermore _dlmeult questions otlabor nndeapltal. , Even if power could not be distributed. the mere trausmlsslou or tntelllglhle nlgunli wuulnl be ol lu'- calculable benetlt. Sueh a renllzatkfu would do urn! with the lnntablllty or the llnaueinlfmmrkntc. which ll the cause of much sutl’erln;; aud_ mlaery. It would greatly tacllltate the evolution /ol uoevl ideas. as well 'u the preventlon ot evlls; ' It would |l\£|'%l|¢`U.\¢ safety ot travel nud give a new tnapetuh to the press and sureul of knqwledge. The nur uiessage trum- lliltted would he the signal to gener|.l,,d3sarm|ment sud 1. closer union ot- nations, and the words ot the great 'German poet, "Seld nmselxluugen `Mllltoneu, dlesen`Kuu'der.nuzen Welt',"~\v0u.ld hedeeply felt "°'3'Y'\’¢?"~ , _Our present-knowledxu, lu sunleleuti eu nllluujwith the conviction thnt the l0\l|lf0l1'0f. thelclmportxnt pruttlemll 88 }uot_!ar ol §Iay\t;1e nerr year, wltneq these trllimlbhl, NIKOLA TESLA. ‘Nx:w~Youx.'D¢e; 31. 1803.