Saw A Man's Heart

Wednesday, April 22, 1896
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The New York Herald April ZZ. 1896 SAW A MANS HEART. Nlaela Tesla lakes Two Important Announce- ments ol His My Expcrlmonla Nicola Tesla is devoting much time to the lchentltlc investigation ot the Roentgon ra; effects. In a communication to the Electri- cal Review he annogmoed -among others tw in erestlnxlgeeulte e-has achleved.” One Q? these ln t t lf u seneltlve fllm be placed ,between 1wo.p)¢. sa# of ml.¢nu|g.un and copper. a true`Roen!gon radlograp would be obtained- alter .a very loaf expoqgre in the dark. Another wonder-tu result Tesla ha; obtained le that by _the use gg a. new Egg ot fluorescent screen. d8Vll .ln hh ratorg; he has beenfagle to greathi ln- lrfale FHRIPHBSQ 0 ° W UWT H l~ sh bw on the screen and to actual y nee the human heart.\ Regarding this, Tesla says:- “BY the use of thlvapgaratus I hav?) been enab ed to examine muc better than efore the bod? by means ot the fluorescent screen. Present y the vertebral column can he seen quite clearly, even ln the lower quart of the body. I have also clearly noted t e olxtllnee of the hip bones. Looking ln the region of the heart, I have been able to locate it unmis- takably. The bacléfround appeared much brighter. and this tference in the intensity of the shadow and surrounding hae eur- ,prlsed me. The ribs I could now see on a number ot occasions quite distinctly, as well as the shoulder bones. Ot course there is 71? cumlculw vghatever ln observing the bone; o a t e m e ‘This latter discovery. he thinks, 1 capa- ble of extensive practical appllcatloxq.