Nicola Tesla On Far Seeing

Sunday, August 30, 1896
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NIIIULA TESLA [IN FAH SEEING. The Inventor Talks Interestingly on the Transmission of Sight by Wire. HAS A PRACT-ICABLE SCHEME. Wlll Not Tell Allimctly Wlmt lt ls, Lest Ill llq Caused by False lmprcsslons. D,IF1l'10UL'1‘ AND F.;sCrNA'1'1NG. Hs Draws s Captivaling Picture of the Pleasures of the Imag- ination. HERE ls A lubjzct whtch hun exeralned the lmlzlhl- llnn, nxelted the lmbltlon and dumped over und, nvor afnln the lrdsr el _ ,- the nnlus of lnvantlon for 4' hundrvds nt yesrs. ’ It In that of_"|selng bel. yond th! llmlll U( nlght." Long dlstlpce sptuldn| sn hunng hlvu been uncom- p chad Inns nn. nnu nm tn-any thc enm- mon nrupsrlypt lll. Bu: tu helble to _nn thgpérion lu_Ct\lénzo.,Bsn !"ru\cl|ec_ litm- Gon orjiong Kunz. with whom one sneaks- thsl-hu not yet been msda posnlble. Mum' sgihutlntljhsvel deelnmn the Int innlble. ,lilly ulentlsts hsvs trlod-tu solve ths urob- Isn NN one hnl vm wuweedea. All ugren llllfwlhn tlxsrsolutlon ls.srrlveA lt>l¢ wlll mums rovolptlon ln the wax-ld'| cnndltloni. ’;i{ou\-.l_Mr. Nleull 'reds nn hls lsborntorv _ er\ll$'.;nd propoundsd to hlrn that dim- |-ulth uuenllbn - nbo\»¢.-phnto¢nphy- by eléo- lrldly. Hs vu, tor once. ln n cnmmunlqntlvs oondlunn ot mlnd; for, be lt wel-l undarntuod. l-Mis inventors stmsenernlly sn nbmrbea ln this pmxeetn (mm rnnmzn; they nun nm dan time to lpuk to A newnpnper muh! But yiltsnhy I wu fortunate, and hers ls whst. ‘huh shldz-, lr. ’l'N|l|‘s Vlewl. 'Thll problem ot trsnsmlttlnn Alghl by llru ur otherwlse to nny dlslnnce ls u dlt!l~ cult. ss lt ls fuqlnutlng. It must not be carn- psna ss to na mscnnlealplmeunlsn wxth the ¢f‘\\|m|-|00 of ,§lutyr¢n_ or__qvpn oq\<»ruA ny such mospsr' 'Cheng Ars' dompiratlvaly may ll land dlslarwq f"\‘h= -ohiubnfor tm- nmbxmn hu been ln- .M°P¢°¢ '*~tv~mu\yfu&m,- und ‘muff rn- »Ql|\ly I turlhsr stimulus to resenrch ln thll °|f\°!\'°h his hem glvenqby thymngnllléeyyz llvnngt Atuqaar Gr\h|.m'Bell,' or mb ` , °?'*!»“-Dh0ti|U'hohb:~~.As sébn u lt ba- lo'tru1|ml!` me strnlns ol nn ‘ini POIIINC "P“"fUIl'l'l'vn»rs vin the mlnd jumped lm. ,*‘|`l|Y‘\-B the ooneluslqu thx! seeln( by iyllllr me-than will also soon become sn sc- oompllshed flct. ffhll upncn.rsd,the more reu- uonable. ns Bell succeeded In trnnsmuung speech threuéh the medlum of no morn than n ray of light.. The nutlvlly ln this dlrecllnn has not abated. hut, on the contrary, has l1\~ creamed, espcclnlly. nlncu wo have lesrnevl more nbout 'the nsture ot llxht_ throuztr the dlscovcrlel of Helnrlch Hertz. “Notwlthxt|ndlng thls, I have not found 1 nlngle idea or experiment recorded whlch, ln my estlmatlun, 'Would hsvs`even the tnlntoet chancefot success. The old tact, known to the nnclcnll, that ons can see through I. hollow wlrc, his been more tlrmly ent|\b~ lished-thst's all. This may appear to be a. strnnr: ltutement, but no far un Actual Iw- compllahmenvt ll concerned lt ls true. Many' uchm-mee' have been ' uroposcd, but lt wns montly u ease of a hollow wlre or A hollow nrujectf Btlll, thu tauk ls not to hupohsldered hupelean. On the contrary, ln. ull probability lndlvldunl lnvesttzatars have round more ni less rztlonnl solutlons ot blue problem, only the tllmculueu to be overcome :irc enprmouq and the rrnllzntlomln ntlll far, fur oN, ` ` "lenuld hnrvlly name two, or perhaps three, othcrprobl4~msm'llno.1 of lnvtnllgatlon whlch have laxml my own pownrs ot thlnltlng u much an thls. 'And yet. while In these other llnes I have considerably re\\)lzed, an regards thls problem of trunnmlttlng sinh! I nm mu very rnr_¢r»n» p<>»1u\»a numonau-xnun by éx- perlment. You should nut Infer from thlll that all my ettcrta tu tlnd n. solution have been futile. Only experience hu made me more exlctlng, und even pesllmlltlc, 1.1 to the flnnl carrying out at my ldeu, whlle, I am happy tn nay. I hnve rnmalned ss optlmlnun an I over Wu ln their flnt euneeptlon. Very often durln: the dn' I mncalvq ldeaa whlnh :Ive me plsuure and hopepbut ln thu oalrn rctlrcment at the nlzht. when thlnga nppesr to me more In thgy pre. my prnctlcal sense dnmla merrllessly wtth the‘ project! I have formed. "As a. rule. all ls rrjvctell, md I reullze with nan-aw that the day has bsen phent ln valn. But the next dny the lrnulnatlon 'starts oft agnln, nothing the worsq forthe puhlshment. Arla-r loin: on for many yur: thu mnstln! erturt of bulldlng and again destroying nn doubt crlpplt-s thq powers or exscuuon. but lt develops very much the annlytlesl und crttloul fnculues, You muy tlrs yourself out rzpestedly hr ovsrcomlng sn Imsflnsry danger, but yvu become more expert ln lind- ln¢_munu of some Ind nrevsrsd to,rnee\ any cslsmlly. Bo, ln lnvestlntlon, one he- eamen dlstrunttul ot the beauties ut the ldeu an they nhl. present thernnelves, and pullou- llrly lpprahenslva of \rror_ Imnorhnee ol Certltudu. "It ls nne_ of the most lmportsnt conpldnr- ntlonn for ever] worker to rander hlmselt eonllnuoualy an account of the degree of certnude, when, either ¢oln|' [mm known fnctl. ha iystematlcslly seeks to lttsln some novel result, or when, conversely, bnglnnlng from nn abstract lden, ha endeavors ton remix lu rcmllntlop. Parham lt ls useful to_glvQ sn lllustrntlon to thll blfmt. There llai-' "1-*int-'rng nbsoluta <>nruu\ua `nrJ,,x|-um whluh -we nlwsys ntrlve for, but neyqr Venn \g~,¢,n. “Sbwnd4'l`hc-re ls ¢n¢'¢¢fu¢ua»$>r nhyslcsl Ing: yvhlsh we nrrlvs ntfthrough nur uvnscs and which densndl nn the prnclllun/ut. the Inter, ' _ "Thlr\ yn;`are vuder ground and supplied by my system, and' thmt All the currents ate supplled hy my cs- clllatorn, or else that my rrlejgds ot thu Cataract Cnnstructlon Qompnnyjre Krann- mlttlng all the power by my system from n tar-off Niagara. And now. pérhapn, _you meet L tramp ln the street. and you reamh ln your pocket nnd give him something. Five cents, you thlnk. Nu, slr; you gb/e hlrn not less than $5.®0.w0. ~ "Stran|;sly, though. Instead offcollnnnlrrg at your genemnlty, he luokn at yd): ln an ln~f solent way and turns the money tn his hnnvf and' :lynnImntemptuouslyz-'f1‘nk§ bt bank; you mean sklnfllnL' Ano then ypu thrmy' dawn your royal lnnlgnle and ,you begln ta grapple with hIm__ You ara endowbd wllh glant strength; and he ln ha Iellovl to fool wnh. enner. At any rate, the mme ls unl, certaln. He may be ntronger_ and then, well- then you wake up, snved, but bndlyuud up. lt you defeat hlm, then ybu reéumpénsa him' myally by gtvlng htm your lnnlgnlmand you;-_ throhn. and you continue your adventurous voyage pamaetully and contented. f ' "Suddenly you throw yourself lngthejmflr of u battle, you cunnnd lluh. un# A whole Arn-gy ot noble knlghls Mes before you. And naw mxnethlng mltlea 1n th¢`bnnn¢-41, and you, who know no fear. you run muy" Tltéh yau may wltnens`s‘ ternbly lmpresslve neene ut yearn |ona,by. You wltness zhp qbaih ct your rather on your mother, und you lm thruulh ll] tha xzonles neun. You realize* the lmmense :ull that supimtes yhu trrfri' thsmf Then overwhelming deslrn ,txkes hold df you to be with them Anln. You know lt ln lmponslble to nt _them buck; Hut nu.-wr mlnd. you wlll invent ncmethlnx. ydu will dls- cover mms force Whlch will reutxlts-thosn hepsrutsd molecules snd.mak¢ them forrn than lovely shapes so Hear to you. ,"And now luddsnly there cams: A rsvul. sion. lhd vnu nr# thrwlnzi melt mt an en ln s. hmqkynrd. Yau mlss lv., too, nggmvatlng clrgzumstancc. But' years aftnrwsni you mm tell the exlct '\|;}oz'on mb Wall. you cnnuzeu every mark of the ltlcit. and ynqnce exactly how the ut:-_fur was brushed ons. or. the other wny. 'Bo your' lmnglnntlnh lbndn 'you un. from sorrow to Joy. from viork to play, And ull thls world ln ever preunt, ever randy lor your plcagurs and enllghtanh\ent.\um.l nt yo\|r.wluh und command. All this world, ren) or lm|§lhl.\‘y, lt mllterl llttle. you. wgm to be ably to an thruulh sums |uuh_'¢h|na, ns \ wlre. [nr lt you succééd ltftrnnumlltlhi nlght you wlll ssn_l¢ ull. ‘ lilltcultrnl :hs 'r||||‘, "Yau muy appreciate ln L general vnyéthg almuny or the mu, mn tffyou hhvqnat studied lt ns closely nu dn you Wm ,ml know thc real dlmeulty. Youfwlll, of cbilrne. uk how in it thst, I ein'-u-h`mm|¢_ zngén. ennmlnmnam ol -¢ 1>-nu-uwm concert su' ova: ons llne: ,'l‘hs\;s‘u-e tnlhnutenthls-lhtab nstlsnl. thsrh no nam-.nna.€»lu3in, xnyzpim must. remember thx; _thli whola:|s‘ brought .nut amy by vsrlsttotfot with -na _nnaemny of-tha notes. This you can all renroducmst a dlstince by means of n wlre. You may gn even further .than thnt. You may transmit all colors over three channels or even one channel. Technically. thln problem ln incom- parably more dtfllcult, because you have, null to tlnd a medium tor transmlnlon, ss tha vlhrntlons are lncuncrlvnhly rapid. But' when you como to the Lransmtssion ol shapes theru the dlmculty bnglnnl _ "Thefmost Wonderful !hlhK About the BY# lla lts cspablllty of conveylng to the mind the Idea offzrxdlmenslnnax extension. Although K reuulfo! touch, changs df place or general- ly_rrevYous’experlcnbe, lt neverthelus ls pon- slhle lfhlyvthrough the medium of the eye.- And such concepuun can be convex/Od ¢° U12 xfllnd ohly by countless palnts of uctlon. To llluntrqtec-l have- ln thls room, nnyffltty. cbhs, each of which hu lts own ,rate ot vl- ligation. I send a compoalte vlhrnllon t rough the room and I am_able to make any one ofzthcse colls respond. "Now, lmug1nb that I had n conlrlvnnce ln the middle of ull; room and I nm pmvmea n wlth an many coils, each of which would M cblntrolllng the motion of the mechanism In n rllftexyixt dlrectlun. 1 can then “una the nm- tldn of this ccntrlvnnca ln as* many differs!!! mllrectlons an the comblnumlon -wl|l\perm|(._ But the number G! these mollnnl ill Ilmllld. and to accomplish a motlon ln any dlrectlon imaginable I must. have un lnnnlte number of auch Eolln. "NNW, thln ls precisely what the optlc nerve dom. Your body ls A mechanlnm which com2¢rtn the energy ur tha :wa into mm furmn ot energy. You ue surrounded hy ln- rluenqas whlch Drlmurlly arfeet your eye and so dlrect. your motlons. Thls may seem I. bold statcment. but I have so (ur convlnccd myself of lta truth that I can lhlnlt of na subject, I can ooncelva no (des of ulythlmg without being able to lomte the rlrst vlsull lrgpreslon 'vhlch' started the trmln of thought. ‘ To give an egznmple, rather unulull, I dream of L ship struck by a tldsl wsve, A. few days later reports reach me thst ln Atlantic steamer hu been struck by such L wave. I now search lor the prlmnry lm!!! whlch caused my dream. I search A long' time and an vun. but finally, nner week! uf frultlsll Mfort, I tlnd n. plcture ln n shu"f wlndomgwhlch I recognlze u havln| KWH' me the orlglnml lmpreeslon. You ml! "link of d friend you have not seen nlnce Ill-HY yearn, and you may turn around the comtl' and he stands before you. “It youl are not ln axperlenced oblervd you nutu§.lly thlnk you hsveénnt seen hlml but you are wrong. for you ave seen him. only unconxcloully. When you have hmll-_ lgrlzefl yourself wlth such nets. YOU tg look~a\ the,eyq an s mnchsnlcal contrl- vnnce, ang you are led to thlnk how to lml- tdfte lt. and than you are on the rlqht track In`order_ul txnnsmlt shnpe, you recognlzé the neoesslty pl hundmds, thousands or md!! chshnels of trunsmlsllan. each lndtpandellln elchjctpalalf or trmismlttlng lmprenlanl I* any n en: y. "Nom however dlttlcult the task of trsnl# mltllng nlght to n distance ln thls sense mg be. some relultn. posnlllly vslunbla. csn cut? mccbmnllnhed by prlmltlva, mug: so, or Instance, x naw for muy gear' ‘ ,I lléyed uut wa muy prnvlde s bull mt 'gn n system of tubes, snd by mirrors rlll°¢° l them enthle pnrlons to nes each other rl dlstnrlt gnrtiot the building. IL ml! W" he paul le to Wltnels ln this manner 1 DOY] formance oh 1 ntue, und tor mnny Df*°"°‘ purposes llnfh A result would hhvs s Dfflgga nent vnlue. It the mlrrors un llmrly' Dil M ln 1 !\fbe\ the trshsmlulan coud not eneeum so gr qmmdersmq ann-neg., at elm lou ln the uueéumve renenuonn. lm* I hlve overwoma thln hy supvlylnl ld ttonnl llpht [rom snothnr muree. |00 ga lmnll dlstancen I believe the Drujlvl 4° entirely teulble. An ‘tn tht' Ronltgln RAY. "Thnre xtlll exlsts much confusion ln YP- Knrd to lhexnvnuntbllltles uttered hy the Ro¢r\I< len rays. , y melns of them we un dlncrrll the vontours ol ln object-eyen Ill |nt¢r1or. to h oertslx; extent-nt dlntnnces or-tl¢¥\‘Y or thlrty I t or move. Pm-mp; vw my D: nhl: to Drulect rctxs throuzh n mountpn sm loumlo lumm'o{’ lnerll t sreln; but thst Il n. rafmota pgassli lllty.. umm' " owsva . t h their sn|\C¥» ll he mms towltrémme solutlon at the lf!" problem ln_ nununn. Nor nn vu how \° srrlvs ut mhrusitlesl_ result. by n eosvorxlin ot llrht waves nto lonur waves and t lf reoonvorslqxxépto tha original form. ll YI" b6¢!\ ltlqvl _ "The c let dlhculty. ul be-tors s?\B¢|~ WV llbfln pfovldlng countless Indapen ent EN? ns u bctweer Yropefly constructed N¢°|Vm.* um trnnnm tl ng lnnrumentn. It Il ll kd dlrslstlon thnbl hue thou|ht and 'DP '~ xg: "whnt success I hope sventusllv °