X-Rays On The Blind

Wednesday, December 2, 1896
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The New York Herald December Z. 1896 l______..1.__1-- X RAYS ON THE BLIND. Nikola Tesla Deprecates the Holding Out of Hope to the Sightless and Says Facts Do Not Warrant It. ._-._..._i..» The Electrical Review will publish to-day an exhaustive communlcatlon from Nlkola, Tesla on his latest experiment with the X ray. Tesla states that the sunburn effects noted by many experimenters are not due directly to the»ra.ys, buttto the ozone Fen- erated by the rays in contact with the sk n. ln referring to thc recently widely her- alded experiment for making the bllnd see\ hy means of the Roentgen rays, he regret- tully remarksze "ls lt not cruel to raise such hopes when there is so little ground for lt? For. Ilrst of all, thc rays are not demonstrated to-be transverse vlbratlons. If they were, we would have to flnd means' for retractlng them to make possible the projection of a sufllclently small- image upon the retlna.. As lt ls, only~a shadow of a,very small object can he projected. \Vha.t possible good-can result from the appllcatlon of these rays to such purposes? “I cannot conllrm some of the experiments reported. For instance. when a.. hand *ls put before the closed eyes lt In easy to distinguish the shadow, much the same as before the llght of a candle; but when the tube ls ‘en- closed and all the 'llght from the .same ex- cluded, I fall to get such an lmpnession. The latter ls, therefore. chlelly due 'to ordi- nary light." Tesla then_polnLs out a posslble\ method of manufacturing fertilizers, ,by eleetrictty. “With currents producedbiy perfected el ~ trtcal oscillators tt ls posslb e to combine .trio nitrogen of the. atmosfmere. If merely fer- tlllzers'of'the soll WDU d be manufactured in thls rnannerthe benefits to humanity derived therefrom would be lncalculablef' He concludes.wlth an interesting descrip- tlon of an improvement in the method of taking-X ray impressions- in surgical cggeg,