More Wonders Worked By Tesla

Thursday, March 30, 1899
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The New York Herald March 30. 1899 NIUHE Wl]Nl|EHE Wl|HKE[I HY TE5lll Inventor Makes Alarvellous Progress in Transmittlng Electrical Energy Without the Use of Wires. ..l>__ CONTROLS DEADLY CURRENT Eight Million Vollé of the Fluid llnn- dled with Safbtyrhy llettns of Oscillator. SPARK AROUND THE GLOBE. .._y_.__ Nlkola Tesla has-further ntlvlinned hln nx- tnmrtllnlry experlmentn In trnnnmlttlng elec- trlcnl energy for comme-rrlnl ptlrtuurn wlth- out the un at wires. I1-nlled on h€m`btt the Waldorf-Antcrla lm! nhhtlo lenrn the prog- ress which he has made. aml whlvlt nmuunls to lhllt- The lr\‘t\ntor_r:|n hnndle_r\1r::‘nt~\|pto rltht mllllonu nf volts, producafl by hla Dvrft-rtml ost-lllllorsz the rttrrent-rn_n bn dlnuztml to any pnlnt lt whlcé nnnngemmts have lm-n mmla to rect-lve lt, and tlrln vnn he a<'t‘nm~ pllslmd wllhuut re~p{ar\1,to tllslttnre ur sur~ rounding cnndltlunn. Theme |d\'nnt‘e|\ llntft-'been mntle ilnce Uc- lober, DBX. when the |lr:|tu,\> ptlbllultml nn lcsounl of Mr. T»nln'n tll~wn\'cry, Tlxrn the lnventor thought 1-|\\'Ironmrnt would have n potent lnfhlenre nn the trn|v\ml|lr~lnn. Now, he ny|_ thu hnntllcnp llns been tlanr: tnwny with. lunvlu |\tt0wx`ls r~|tn1-otan/utltl, ‘Referrlnl to nlmtogrnplus. the current lutw ofthe Elrelrlrnl llevlvw naw:- "In une lllurlrnlton the lnvrnlnr recelven the elertrlcll wn\'»n from A fllnltnlce and de- mtlllon volt: In a. hnntl, p|'ener\'ln|¢ ztlntalnlnu n llxell 'wn-1-_ wln-re the Annthbr photo- reeelvlng lt\ hln eltwtrlvnl osrllll- lmds’ and mnke 1 vt, Also llghtlng m Vaccum tube on the t‘elllnz." "To the nrlentltlc expert: who nrt- rnmlllnr, ln theory nntl txp¢~r\mr-nt,_wlth rlectrlrll vl~ brnllon, the renultn here shaun wlll. l \n~- ltvve. ape-nk ln rlmluc-nt l:tl|¥u||:t‘." sum Mr. Tesla, ln n vommunlrntlun tn tha Ret-lew, "but those renders to whom they nrt- nilu- rally le!! llttelllllble Wlll l!k:-'\vVl\t\K urn |h¢y,|n01l (ur, nnd Wllul \|9 [hey nr hl\'e ihty' demun!lr|le\l1' _ "Ta them ll may br lalnl that they have shown and proved. lmnug mnny other things, lhnt urdlnnry currvntn Gln be trunnformed wtth hlgh economy ‘nth elet-trlrnl vlbrntlonn of any pllclt, whltm are needed In mlny novel ull: they have shown tnnt electrlul energy ln gr!!! amounts can bt- efhtlt-ntly nnd nlfely trnnsnulttrdwvlthout the use ot wlres to :ny golnt of the globe. however distant; they nga hlrnlnhzd vrool lhll the movement; ant operntron of bodles :nd mm-hlnery cnr~ rled by the-uma--tmn-he controlled from in [rent dlsunrv wlthuul lm' tn|\5lhle_conm’C~ tlon whatever lnlinvlth nbmlute preclllén. |\mxu.l.|xu n-n'uot~r wllum. "They have nlso proved the prictlcahlllty nf-I lyntemlol nlgnnlllnl without vlrel. nat vrlth the lmyerlerl npplllnces ln before ut- temnted. Wh ch enunnt be tuned and are ren- derfd uneleu by Ihr pl|{ at n small Induc- tlon cull. hm. by mean: o lppnrntuu produe lng powerful olclllutlonl And clrcults lh Qllct nynchnonlnln. rlth wh|ch'lt'|s lmpoulble to interfere. They have shown ,lhll ntmms- pheric nitrogen nn be-readily r:omNn~l Amt vnluahle product: mnnulnetunvl manly bl' the n pllculon of Qhenp water power, and \hn\ I nl, dmuuln like that o!_tha sun. can M nrm urut with an noromr lrvntar than otttnlnnhk- In Ihr wma! :nys nn-1 vlt lamp: that never connumo. 1 The Revuw. ln ln edltorlnt comment. uylz- “1'he*!xperlmenU\ nn which Tal: dwelln und. which are n'|denl\\1 the nnull. of years nrrfulent lnhor. are, tn our np\n|an_ the mont nt king nm! pmmllml-thnl. have been shawn In yearn. and thi! egnnotjnll to en-gn nrotoumi llprudan 1-ldlllUl¢'1lU||'° velops A prelnure of hal! A coll which he huldl ln,hln himself lgnlnnl lnlury by m posltlun nn the electrlcnl prennure dnvelogml ln smnll. graph shows ln lulltitnt bony nu- enrn-nu from nn tor, vt-nn-h pun lhrnunrh nn- metnl lnr glow In hln ham] l I i l l