Nikola Tesla Shows How Men Of The Future May Become As Gods

Sunday, December 30, 1900
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The New York Herald December 30. 1900 .3-J; ` iff ff' ' 5; 1' ,zf l _ , r f V/ W- . V, -‘ ` Affflfgll' ij _ \ , _ ,gejrgg , .yi ,, ~`, ,,< £2735 f ~_' ,f ,mn Il'-LSLA IKOLA YESLA Sholbs How MEN ...- » - ~ - - - - ' Of H16 future May Become as GOD5 BY NIKOLA ~rEsr_.A_ HEN s child ls born, its sense organs are brought ln contact with the outer world. Tho waves of sound, heat and llght heat sgalnst lts feeble body, lts sensl- tlve nerve flbres quiver, the mus- cles contrsct and relax ln obedi- ence-a gasp. a breath, and In this act s. 'wonderful llttle engine, of lnconcelvablo . dellcacy and complexlty of structure, ls hltched to the wheehvork of the unlverse. Left to itself the enxihc MODS: ll has no power to draw energy from Nature's lnexhaustlble store. The llttle engine moves and works. changes slze and shape, performs more and more varded operations, becomes sensltlve to more snd more dlffemnt Influences. and now there begins to manlfest Itself ln lt s mysterious force. It becomes capable of-responding to stlmull of s. more subttle nature and of drow- lng, for its own use, energy from the en- vironment. Gradually the 'engine has been transformed lnto a belng possessed of lntelll- genes, which percelvespdlscems, does llke others of lu klnd. The experiences rnultlply, the kngwlgdgg ln- creases, the discernment becomes keener. the human being, responding to the fslntest in- dusnces, ls awskened to the consclousness of Nsture and its grandeur, and ln Its breast there ls kindled s deslre to lmltste Nsture, to crests, to work itself the wonders lt per- cslves. But the eserclse ot this power does not ug- lsfy the mind, which rises to sttll hlgher, un- d°5“l»b|° Nrceptions, not ol thls world, and llllvlred by them the srtlst, the Inventor and the 'mln of science give expression to the lonsing of the soul. What can man, with his power of creating, in his srtrlilng toward the ldssl, produce; vrhst result can hs sttsln which would be ef the greatest consequenggin this universe, ms greatest sohlevmsnrf A sclentlnc ldes which I sdvsncad nssrly two years no ln sn unpub- lished sddress may _servo to' snsvrei thi; questlon, from s point of View Llkslfy' to be taken by sn Inventor or engineer. Aeoonilng to tho ldoplsd theory. llrst class- 1.7 formulstsd by Lord Kelvin, ul mgq, ;|. C0mD0sed of s prlmnry substance of W`*°“ celvnble tenulty, vaguely cleslnfnated hy lb' word "ether." The atom or an elemenllff body ls dlflerentlated from the rest ol subetnnce, whlch fllls all space, merely U7 m'ovement, as a smnll whlrl of water 1101115 be ln a calm luke. All matter, then, ls merely whlrllnl fm" By being set 'ln movement, ether b¢°°\‘” matter perceptlble to our senses: the "‘°"' ment arrested, the primary substance r¢v*\’" to its normal state and becomes lmD2f°°F“' ble. If this theory of the constitution alll” ter ls mn me;-elya beautiful concelHl0I1v"3£ ln lts essence ls contained ln me Um Pr;hd_ onhy or the vedas. but a physlwl "“"‘-ed N It the ether whlrl or 'atom be shatter ou lmpsot or slowed down and arrested bl' Ch, any material, whatever lt be. W°“ld Vx” into seeming nothlngnees, and. CW" ' lf the ether be set in movement by W: force. matter would again form. 'n“"' ' the help ol s relrlgfrntlnz mschlllw other menus (or ll-resllnl ether l|“”' ment and an electrical or otllrl' ‘fin 0| fren! Intensity for lnrmlul 9 n wh rls It nppelrs pnsslblr (pr Ill.” annihilate or to create at has wlllnm we are able to perceive by our fi IPIIIQ- W This concluslon, though startllnz. U W contradlctory to thu adopted doctrine vb lndestructlblllty or matter, and ln IM 1 of modern views it may be consld¢r¢f| um sclentlflc posslblllty. It does not requxrt ' exerclse of .great powers of lm»¢1n=¢\°“,, concelve that by harnessing the sun'l 213, and making hls mschlnes self-actlnKmu, processes of crestlon and snnlhllstlon H* be made 10 so on without human ln" uon other than the control. Could ho do lhll. msn would then hivifz like power. for he could create sn? ug* msterlsl substsnce, of any slze and mn seemingly out of nothing, and he c0\l14 If all perceptible substance revert to Wg, msry farm, lose ‘Itself forever ln thv “NM M his oovmmsnd; slmost without ll .F °\1 Nl-nm.wnr1a| would aluwelf 1” ,, ;0l\dl would bgabom. nu, sooogdillfshu su, would the fmndelt lllilhl bs performed ny msn. 111° ¥°°"‘°* 'l0Q\`|1\|l|,.|i|| (rotten sehlevemeli-