Tesla Confident Of Speaking Mars

Sunday, January 6, 1901
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The New York Herald January 6, 1901 'Q-,~.m‘_.;`,;,,'5z;1»-_,1:A,.>,J,,,,.:¢“_._, , ,»:._, `: 5 = Q _ »é=’~l£ .Y . » " »’ ` ' < 1», .lla £i[}ENI.». *W-;'.r .V an-`?-ésé' .` _._-,Q`&.:,=‘t;;;_¢,,~.,'»» ’ " 13 , f~= .-‘r,- -'47 ` E' .;;' ~ tq . .» ; ; .MARS .fmbvsslhké __ .Other . Experiment¢rs'to’Note Etfzcts *Which -Hegrllf Difcovefed. HAVE NOTIPH OPERADEVICES mmm sly; wnniun appmnm He Can Ob>erva_Elech'icaI Condition of 2,200 MHA. NO nouB‘r OF FINAL SUCCESS ' Nikola Trala ll nu nent experiment. In lf§`l®v\‘l¢f|B electricity obtained reaulta _Whllfh he bellevna Illl make poaltble com- .munlcatlon with the people of Mars. Deten- une mvestlnton abroad were uewlleal an tu_hls hey theory. Pmtuaor Fleming. F. R. B., ol Unlvenlry College,`l.4indon_ laughed outrllllt at the Ydén. Vlr. Qhnconl, who la °!Derlmentln| ln wtrelexa telegratthy near Poole, attrlbutea the alleged algnala from Mara to local dlaturhances ln the hunesphere. Fallowlng la Mr._Tea\a's reply to his crltlcn and_hls explanation ot hla theory :- “Havlnx no sue: auetvlsaas ef tnrmeens va! lnvestlamttqn used 'try other sxperlmenten, I cannot Judge ot the value of thnlr obnrrva- tloru. I uaume that the lame elrmllt ar- ranlrmeuu and derlcon have ' been ern- Dlnyed 'whkh are daacrlbed In psnnta and nrtlelee on Harblan talegraphy. ln than cuea an aerlal oonductor, not directly con- uecteg with the ground, but seperated from ll bf tmeertaet contacts or cena which prevent the panan of the current, recrlvel the al- lects tranlmltted [rom a dlatnnce. "The atmolbhrrlo alrturbaqcea ln then arrangements, lt I am to judge tmm my own experience, are aonfrrat that 1 have allways doubted lhelr vrl eil vllm. ln my lnveau» latlonat these dlaturhlyg atmospheric lnllu- rnct were nlmoat who .y excluded. It would have been Impossible fur ether experimenter; to nate the dlectl whkzh I hive dllcnvered, for wlth the Hertxlan devlcea only n. very narrow rotten can be exglored, whereas l was able to ohrerve! tie e :cement cinnfllélor; es eportootegomaareea land ‘lg nllea I: width and»bnead'1h. That these actluns are due to cauaea heretofore unknown I mm convinced. "I feel that I have not been led allay by my Ima|'lnauorl` but that my tllfht tae true na ever before. and l am congmant that lu- turat lnveatlgatlon will :ann my Italo# l'\Cf| "Nor have l the alllhtnt doubt, Judging fam my qxparlmrntl and meaaun-mental' Jill vrllh I properly cnnllrdcletl llnrlrltl oaclllator an amount ur energy can he trann- mlrted to a planar. aa Venus nr Man, run at their rrrntut distance. lulllelent to hrlni into action a lenllllve lnatrument. nurh aa have been ualng ln my own ohservatlnna. “Furthermare. lt ll an error to belleve lhnt a gnarexpendlture el power ls nrrne|Ar|y tor tnterplanetag nommunlcatlen. What | hooded ll an e ect speclllcally [rent-an enormous rata ol enerfy drllvary_ but lutlng such tlme only a inctlnn or a aeunnd au that the total Fave used un la small. Now, with my oecllator I can make lhla rate equal tn_flve mllllon horn power and more, ll neoaaalry, Ind my calculallnnl :how that a small lrwcllon ot thla rata la anyly nul- hoirnt tor :onverlnf a rneaulo ln arl. "Heretalnre llh Ina the only known llent for oommunlcatlnl vrtth a planet. ll. la aud D0 show that by xt: means auch a re- ault vlrtually tmpoulhls_ uwlna tn the ravld dlmlnutton ot enerly vvlth the dlatancn and the.l|np;>}:stbl\lty ottcelncentrallng lf; an nstru en a ener a .n tftmn a ran ana. :gy the methugyand maznlnery l have devlstad we ara enabled to eonvay ar\l|1am»||. unblz greater amount at encryy to the Elena, and ;1he observer/therr, lnltnad nf llllllrli ln ll lnatrumenl only ln lnflnl- termal amnunt ul the entlre mer" r-f\n~ veyed, can avall hlmaall ol a lar|| portion ol the ILIII, "A practical aolutlcm haa thus been round both for tranamlttlnf and ranalvlng me-- safra, and we gan andy mr that t sm are beams as ra.r,a vanr an poaslbly further than we are ouraelvea. 'l'a¢¢ no harm in hold- in feat to tht. poulhillty. 'rms mount; Flnnot but make ua beurr and [ive us a nab lnleralt ln llle." 4