Puts No Limit On Wireless System

Saturday, February 16, 1901
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The New York Herald Felqruarv 16, 1901 PUI5 Ill] LIMIT [Ill WlHElE55 SYSTEM Mr. Tesla Asserts‘Hia'-Ability to Send Messages for'Thou- sands of Miles. DEPENDS UPON VOLTAGE Inventor Propose to Canned Balloons at' High Altltudes with St:- tlons on the Ground. CAN TRAN'SMIT POWER ALSO Hnano Btflmac. Comun Fxrrtlzffrt axn G Srnn-ra,.N. W.. Waauuu-rnx, D. C., Friday. . Nlkola Tesla, who has announold that he wlll be able to work hte system oi wlrolene lelegrnphy on a cummerolal scale ln about olfht montha: waa framed | patent early lan Hay lor his "Intern ot trnnrrnlttlng electrical enerfy" through the higher alrata of Alr without the tile of wlrea. Mr. '1'o|}e'|\ nonllcatlon aela forth at length the px-laelolee-or bla lnventlon. In aecurln; electrlclty for ht: wlreleaa lyatem he urea the clectrlc °'oac\lla¢or" previously patented by htm. He aaaena that the electric power prvducodgn thlamnnnor ha; character-tatlca all tra dn. Wnenyradlntefx through the a.lr at o orusure ol tnllllonn of vol\a'l\ trana- forml the lfl1!D|DhCl‘l lnta rl conductor ot electfidty, and ll the voltaxa be hlxh enuulrh the ¢lel:lrlc1ty`y1`\l be earrled through the ‘slr for thouaanda of miles. apvotru fnnatnn mon a-rn/tra. A pecullarlty of this phenomenon. Mr. Teala |aya_ to that by lncreaelna' the elec- trlcal prenaurg only slightly the dlltance that the e}eetrlcal power wlll travel through the alr ls Increased very greatly. He asserts that by lncreulng the electrlo power only Mty per cent the dlltanre the electrlclty was carried through the ulr was lncreaeed alx- fold. 1'n°,¢l¢¢trll=- em-ey la conducted moat readlly through th hlghly rarefled atrala exlatlng, lay, at an altltude of tlve or all mlles above the earth. Mr. Tesla. purpose; therefore, to :end un a atatlonury balloon at the nolnt from which he,wlll aend hla power. and another at the Dolnt where lt Wlll be recelved. From each balloon he would hang a “termlnal_" cun- aletlng ot :l large dlnk. These dlaks would be connected by wlre with atatlona on the (round, , ln the trauamlnalon of power by thla lys- tem Mr. Tenla would gem-rate hla elrotrlclty ut a htzh preanure in hln "oa¢'lllntr\r." and would then nan lt through a trnnalormlng aovaratua. conalazlnz nr n prlmnrr and n secondary coll. From ther# the Power, at a preasure of mllllona or \'r>ltn_ would be enr- rled by a wlre to the termlnnl nuepenus-rl from the balloon.. The oleclrlcllyg radlatlng from ll. would be ctlnductrd through the nt- monphere tu the second termlnal, luupended from a bnlloon. The distance between these two could be lndehnlle. Enya Mr. Tealla, It the voltage be hlzh enough, It would ha poa- allllo. tolcunduct the power through tho alt' tor lhousanda ot mllea, - rua rowm rrvnrnna auto, From thu recelvln; trrmlnal, the power, whlch would be cgllected through the me- rllum ot the nunuen r-rl dllI.l'0uIt1l»l5 brought down to the rect-lvlng atnllnn bs' moan, or 5 vvlre. Thrra lt would he lranlfnrmed by mum or douhte collu. Telenaphlr mungn would lhondpq remlorml lnlellulnlg ny ann. nary melho I. ln hl» claim ltr. Teal. aa;-a that not only meaugea can an .ent ln tm- manner, um .nat n la pa-alot. ru trnuamn eleetrlcny for power purposes: an wrll.