Uses Electricity Without A Medium

Saturday, June 7, 1902
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The New York Herald june 9, 1902 USES Elllllllllilll W|lHUl|Tll l\l|§Il|Ul|Vl Scientist Declares He Can Ap- ply Atmospheric Current Without Motive Force. WAS SIMPLE DISCOVERY Senor Clem_ente Figueras, Engi- necr, of Canary Isles, Inven- tor of the Method. [srs.~cnL canu: 'ro ms n:sn.n.] 'Hue H|:|ul.o's European edltlon publishes the following from lts_correspondent:- Loxoox, Monday. - A most remarkable claim, the genulneness of which lt ls ss yet impossible to test, says a cable despatch pub- lished by the Daily Mall from its Las Palmas correspondent, has been made by Senor Clemente Flgueral. Engineer of \Voods and Forests in the Canary Islands, for many years professor ol physics at Bt. Augustlne’s College at Las Palmas. It seems that for many years he has been working silently st a method ol directly utl- lising atmospheric electrlclty-that ls to say. without chemicals or dynamos-and making a practical sppllcstlon ot lt without the need of employing any motive force. A true revelation might rob hlm of his re- ward, and even now. while he claims to have succeeded, he ls sllent concerning the exact principles of his dlscoverx. He asserts, however. e has invented a encrntor by which 'ha can collect electric gum so as to be ahle to store lteand apply lt for lnflnlte purposes-for instance. in con- nection with shops, rallways and manufac- t . ` ulrigssays he expects its effect will be a tre- mendous sconomlc and industrial revolution. He will not give the key to the invention, but declares that the only extraordinary polnt about lt ls that lt has taken so long to discover a simple sclentlhc fact. Hs intends shortly zolnr to Madrid and Berlin to Patent his inventions. In sddlt on to the discovery, the Daily Mall says that, according to letter! received ln London from his trlends in Tenerlrle, Benor Flgueras has constructed a rough apparatus by which. in _ snlte of its small size .and defects. he obtains s current of E50 volts, which he utilizes ln his 'own house !or light- lng purposes and driving a motor or twenty horse power. His inventions comprise a generator A motor and 1 sort ot governor orvegulafor, the whole apparatus elng so simple that I child could work lt. _i_.__l