Letter: Mr. Tesla Praises Professor Langley

Friday, October 9, 1903
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The New York Herald October 9. 1303 __._-.¢¢;¢-1 R. TESLA PRAISES l PROFESSOR LANGLEY 1-1.11 To 'nu Enrron or 'nm HERALD!- I annot refrain from protesting against the most ungenerous -comments ln this momlnfs papers on Professor La.ng‘ley's efforts. Professor M.anIy's tests, ln vlew of the treat difficulties attending them, should have received more appreciation.- The atmosphere ls a. capricious medium and as regards alr na.vl?atlon we are still ln a barbarous state o Ignorance. Pro- fessor Lsnfleylundertook many years ago task wh ch hasbamed human ingenu- ity and skill for centuries. _ He had noth- ing to zo by--not even a theory, let alone practical data. After long and Eatlent labor, requlrlng the exercise of t e rarest tacultles, he llnally perceived a great truth, which he announced-the secret ot the blrd's sailing flight. Re recognised that a machine heavier than air could be made' to fly pro- vided lts mechanism be controlled ln- telllgently and that advantage be taken of the energgégt the air currents. Had he acoomlplls nothing else,-this would be enoug . y ' But Professor Langlev did not stop at this. »He concentrated his efforts -toward embodying these prlnclplea ln a mechan- lcal model. Years were naturally con- sumed ln these endeavors. Experiments are expensive. We are told that he has expendedj$50.000 ln these trials. This ls what thepubllc ls made to believe. -But those who have had experleneeknow that'he not only has spent -thls sum. but his ln ,all prohablllty exhausted all his own resources. The reflectlons made ln the signers re- garding 'tho eemslpendlture of -t paltry sum contrlbut by the government are not only not justtfled, but ridiculous ln the extreme. -Professor Lansléy has Kfalved more thoroughly the problem of aerial naviga- tlon than any other man on thlsglo e. There' are manywskllled mechanics who sro. lacking in sclentlnc knowledge, there are man scientific men who do not pos# .ug izlentgongiechanlcal skill; Professor Lon ley as . ~ Hg-successdoea not depend on chance. Such a manshould be provided with 'the nwesssry _means to complete his work lm- medlately. Great honor attaches to this achievement, also great practical utlllty, whleh'%ls country can ill afford to lose. HIW our. Oct. 8, 1908. N. TEBLA. .__.__..._.._........-