Letter: Tesla Sneers At Gliding Craft

Monday, July 29, 1907
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The New York Herald July 29, 1907 lE5ll SNEEHS ll El|[l|NE GHAH Declares Hydroplane lnventlon of Peter Cooper Hewllt Is Old and Worlhlees. HIS JEALOUSY CRITICISED ln Letter ln New York Tlmes Electrlcal Ex- pert Takes Petulmnt Fllng at Achlevemerrt. _.__.¢__ Meny perlonl were lurprlled yolterdny lt the followlng letter from .Nicole Tull. publluhed tn the New -York Tlnml, and whleh eeems to have been lnlptred N' jealousy ol Mr. Peter Cooper fHewltt'| .ln- ventlon end echlevementn wllh A hydro- plene, dolcrlbcd ln recent luuel of the Hman:- GLI DING CRAFT. Nlcolx Tull Says the Hydxoplme ls Nelthrr New Nor Prlctlcal. To the Edlbor nl the New York Tlmee:- The eclencn of _engineering hu become eo polltlve and preclle that prlotlcel re- lultl Are Kcnernlly ln clou Agreement wlth theory. en.-l pretty nearly everythlng rturne out as expected. Nnturnlly, then, the exerclee of Lhle 'nrolenlon le more or len tedmue end unlnterenlng. Ocoulonellr, though, lllo ls tnfueed lnto the epethetc eommunlay by t-hu sudden announcement of lunle atunnlng lcheml or Duullng ggxeety ot some old dllcovery ar tnnn- Two weelu ego an enter-prlulnf Jounul of t-hLe city creeted qulte e rlvve of ex- cttement ln englneerlng elrelen by the newe thet a 'meet novel and lturulng advance ln mnrlne propulllnn had been mode. lt wu 1 glldlng craft or "hydroplnne," vfhlch wu to make e :peed of 100 .mllee nn hour poulhle. The dlecovery wu lndoreed by 1 Iron enxtneer end A neva-l atllcer ol no mean attainment: both of whom pre- ferred to remain lneornlto. 'For e nod reason. X lhould thtnk. ~When lt cornea to belng ldentbded nrlth the "hydrwlnne" dlecretlon ‘ll decldedly better then vslor. Ax e mutter ot’ feet. ll le on old and worth- leie lldel. on llluelun and I. mere. The Tlmee hu done some good lervlce ln dlepelllng the myth of novelty lh th luue_uf the 17th lnet.. but the ovthnlrstle tone of* the othefwue accurate rewrt will onl¥` tend to odd to the number of than who hnve fallen .vlctlme of the delullon. NICOIAA '.l‘@hA. | Nl' Yoll. Juli $. ll". After reading the letter Mr. Howrtt dl:- mea the following reply;- ".\!¥ attention 'nu been culled to e letter Ythbllelued ln the -New York Tlmd lnd I oel oumnelled ln fmlrnul to the future of -me un elltpzoyel by am-me mln( grun- I-l 1. menu of support, such as yd'ro- Dllhol and xeroviutol. 40 stem mhst tht dd ldea. le not 'worthflee|,‘ but that in A Short time tt well and tu held or utlllly ln the ww-lie Turk. Fha gxltldxng anim erred to 111| eulgned o onoui-te Y' Pcflfvnn- turloenxxxeolttleéontnterefdngttueonee _tenet 4-wve heen (mm Un-ne eo Mme forecast \'b¥ gnu eclentms end enflneers 'Tm per- lfurmence of the glldlng craft wu eo eue~ gceuful and IU nur to theory that It lm; |l°r\>ued other-e ee well ne myself with the great Eaumllltlee ol -the nrt ln the future." ` Mr. ewlnt decllned to mlko Any further comment upon- the motlvel behlnd Mr. Textile letter but eoverel expert: who have glven the Invention close study aa- |erted~Lh|.t lt (uve nmmlee of :renter tm- twrtence to the world lenefrully then uny- tlxlng ever locompllehed lahmr. Tull. 'Both Mr. Twin end Mr, swltt are men of lnternltlqnnl reoutmtlcn and by friend! ot both Mr. Tutu: aetlxtent din( AL the Qlchlevement of n brother lclenhllt 1ru»l matter of -much lurorlee. Particularly w-u hte :near nt the "meet enrlneur and nnval ofllner of no meen et- telnmonte” regarded u trenelth the dlgntty at A mln at Mr: Tellfe renutltion. _ ] Both the engineer end thn mvnl _ofllrer lreferred to In men whale lclerltltlu onln- lone overbllnnee Lhoee of fldfr. Tells. end ;thelr names were wlthheld from ;\ubllan~ ltlon beceule of the request of Mr. Hewltt. Thelr lndnoreement ot the poletbllltleu of lthe hydroflnne. f0llcwln¢ Its perform- Quxeee, wll count for A greet dee! more ‘th-on Mr, Teelfn jeslotu and prejudlcnd lelur based entirely unon theory.