Hewitt Asks Tesla To Show “Fallacies”

Wednesday, July 31, 1907
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The New York Herald July 31, 1907 HEWITT ASKS TESLA T0 SHOW “FALLACIES” Builder of Gliding Craft Thinks In- ventor Should Point to Er- rors He Sees. in 5 _letter 'bo the HUALD. Drlfnted yn- terdny morning Nikola Tesla repeated the mssertio-n niademrevloudly by Mum .thu the hyurggim-e, or gilding craft-t, recently built and demone1.ra.ted by Peter Cooper Hewltt -ls wonvhflees ae on invention and ‘based g, mhg and dlsproved ¢t'he0ry. uwrxhen Mr. Hew~it.'| umtentdon was dl- ,rected to the letter yesterday he dictated -the folluwlnf ahlwvfr- ' "1 :tamed n uhe LHIHALD frhlifl I lbdlieved me hydnoplane nheory pradlloal. My rea- sons. as then stated. vwere fbaaed on the gertormence ol an exgerlrnmta-l craft. built y me to embody 'L' e usentlal .Natures re%ulred by -theory for A device ot the hy' mpnue type, This e!D\n'l~rnenu! de- vlce, dealzned tor the :pedal purpose of bashing cheories, operuned pnsotlcelly, not only once, 'but many thins. In fact.. lt ds a. pracucal cratft nnxl with few structural a:l‘tere»z.=one :mould be a. m.t4afa.<:tory com- mer~o.a. c a t “ln your lnue ot to-day (here ls the fol- lowing staaemem. -by Nikola Tesla:-'Every ill epeht effort is to be -regretted. ould [you .think lt dellreble, I lhmll be gd to expose ln e. DODu1ar and underatanduble manner the rallmclee and dlthculttes of the 'gal/ldlng craft on some ocoulon eft your pleasure ln the near tuturef "Lf I a.m ln errosr concerning the glldlng umm. nonwlrhetalndlns' the phocogz-ephs and mom axmmmced in the Hl‘.nu.n of July 1h and L! I mm rndebeadlng the public be- omuee of Inherent ‘tallfleaclea and deflaclen- cies of the sildlrs ¢rl»1‘!.' I resend lt as h1g_dut to the publlo to polnt out what there *fgrllacles and detlolencles' are." LEng'ln~eers who have witnessed the per- formmnloes of Mr. Hew1t~t'| glldin; qf-gn sald yesterday they believed lt to bg 13,51 upon a. theoxg qulte as substantial ;nd profitable to e world es Mr. Te|la’s ln. eat theory or -telegra-fihlnf to the plangg Mara. These men ins ated thmt the wg-¢ buln nhelr tnlth on what Mr. Hewitt hm slrexgy done and not upon -what he or 35,-_ 'realm or a.nylbody,else mlzlrt-dreem 1° 5, false orlldbstantlal in theory. It the hy.. dmplue theory had hlthexmo been held u an llg||on.\thd¥ n.ld» It was (ready gg Inu- evitra credlrto rave proved mg eoatr¢.rr.»