Princess Seeks Aid For Serbs

Saturday, October 26, 1912
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The New York Herald October 26, 1912 PRINCESS SEEKS _ AID FOR SERBSI American Actress Whose Husband ls of Old Balkan Family Asks for Subscripilrms. Amon: tus ssrvlsns who hnveurlvsd ln New York from the West ts Prlnes Inu- rovlcztn-Hrobellnnovloh. He came from Los Angeles. Cal., noeomptnled by his wltm! Althouih 'he nys his tltls is only s.| courtesy one, Prince Lszu-ovlch ukes' prlde`ln su snoeetrsl tree which .hs traces bsak te the rulers ot the Servlnn Emplre before the advent ot Gus Turk. The Princess vwu Mlss Eleanor Cllhonn, the Amerlcsn lctross. They were msr- rled lu London. When ln Csdttornls. she helen to mise money to nld the Bs.ll¢|.n s.llles. In New York Ins eontemplstss a slmilnr undertsklnl-~ Her 1491 il 9° h\v° some 'well known bsnk undertake to re- oelvs funds whlch could be truxsmltted directly to bsnkln¢_ lnstltutlons In the Balkans. In this matter she hs) obtained me co-operation at Mr. Nlkols Tésls. the inventor, hlmeelt s. Serb by birth. though fqr many years an Amerlcux oltlxen. Mr. Tosls, ssdd yesterday, thst he ls enthusl- sstlc for the work on behslt of Servls which Prince and Prlnceu Lanrnvich have dune sud are doing. and ssld he belle'/es nhst the Servlsn cause \v1ll be mutsrlslly sldcd by somu_ot hls American trlends. Severn! ohundred Mcntenegrlns s.nd Eer- vlnns are expected to letve New~ York to-day. A number of them wlll go .on bonu-d the steamshlp La Tourslne, of the' Wenclx llns. A party of #two hundred young men came from Blsbee, Ariz.: 'Phare urn t\vo orgnnlzsllons ot Serbs there' and, together with nubscrlptlons from ln-| dlvldusls, they rzllsed ;s,ooo. which ls bemg' spent in provldlng transportation for bhls contllngent. Hnowlng -tlhst the enthuslsem to xo hack and tlxrht for thelr country con- tlnues \|nalmted among* the Greeks and Montenegrdns as well ss the Servlnns und Bulgarians, the steemehlp Sant' Anno, of the Fabre llne, whlch leaves port t.hls mornlng, will take out. 1,200 Greeks ln one party. Reservations .for 1:00 more men who could not be sccommo- dated on board that stenmshlp have been made lor the Nlsgnrn, of the French llne, whlclx, lt ls expected, wlll talte s totll of ,030 nwn for the Greek army. 'l‘ho\xg'l1 (here ure not many of them ln this country. the Monvtenegrlns ire poll- Ing Lhelr full strenzth, 600 ot them golnx out of the country to»dsy on board steam- shlns ol' French, Itallnn nnd Amerlcnn llues. Three hundred more nstlves of that country sre to arrive ln this elty to-day froft vnrlous polnts ln the VVestern States and Canmds. All ‘sre paying their own vrny and are doing so enthuslsstloslly. Funds that have been started by rnllves ot the four wsrrln-5 Bnlksn Stntrs src belng rspldly lncresssd, not only by subscrlptlons received from per- :lons of thelr own -nationality, but by Amerlcsns, The fund' ln nld ot the Greek Red Cross Society, which ls helng collected by Mlltlsdes Melschrlno and Anthony- P. R.s.l.ll, of! No. 15 Wllulm street, was lneressed yesterday by sub- scrlptlons which totalled 91.200, brlnpp Ing the tetsl sum received up to date to shout $7,200. This money is cabled dlrectly to Athehl. ` 'The \’Jslly» Atlsntls, the Greek dllly newspaper, has A subscription llst open to sld the Greek srmy‘n held hospital and ashlee the money dlrectly to Crown Princess Bophle ot Greece. Several lsrge subscriptions, totslllng 32.000, were received yesterday. Funds ln sid, of the Bulnrlm fhlg hospital sorvles sro oomlug lnsxewxy to tbl committee, of which Mr.‘An||_ llnot, Consul General, ls ln ‘chsrgee Thls is explslned by the fact that tha clrculsrs thst hsve been mslled exten- slvely throughout the Western portlun pf the United Slstes. /lrhere the gr-egg- est Bul[u~ls.n..pupuls1tlon In this enuglr 'fy flllh, \|\v. HD* Y f ug. sr thin. ° hw'