Can See Through A Man

Friday, April 10, 1914
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The New York Herald April IO, 1896 CAN SEE THROUGH A MAN. Nikola '!‘o|la'| Remarkable Achievements wlth the I Bays and s Lumi- nous Screen. Nlkola Tesla, who was among the flrst to experlment wlth the Roentgen rays and who achleved some remarkable results, has an ln- terestlng artlcle ln the current number of the Electrical Revlew. ln whlch he descrlbes ln detail hls recent experlments. As a result of them ,he says he can see clear throughthe human body. . Tesla’s ambltlon has been. to developelec- trlcal power enough to enable the rays to fully ll umlne the human body, and thus en- hance thelr value to surgery. He shadow- graphed a ms.n's rlbs nn -the bones of hls 'shoulder and arms some tlmo ago, but he was not satlsfled with the picture, because lt falled to show the bones dlstlnctly. This result, he sag/s ln his artlcle, he has just oh- talned, and e has a shadowgraph ln whlch the bones apcpear clearly outllned. This plct- ure was ta en four feet from the vacuum tube and after a comparatively short ex- posure. An equally satisfactory shadowgraph, Mr. Tesla says, was obtained at a dlstance of twelve feet from the vacuum tubo and after an exposure of only flve minutes. But the lnterestlng Rortlon of Mr. Tesla's article is that ln whlc he tells how he was enabled to see through a man's body. He dld this with the ald pf a luminous screen. somewhat on the prlnclple. of Edlson's tluoroscope, recently described in the Hlcn.u,u. In the tluoroscope Edison used tungstate of calcium crystals only; ln hls luminous screen Tesla used these crystals, wlth barlum -platinum cyanide., The man through whom Tesla looked was placed be- tween the lumlnous screens and the vacuum tube. Tesla says that wheh he looked at the screen lt made the man's body lumlnous, so that he distinctly saw his backbone -and all the details of hls skeleton. A metal plate placed onthe man’s back and a coln were also, he says, revealed. This screen. he says, tluorosces at a distance of twelve feet from the ra%_s. . Mr. esla says these remarkable effects were produced by reflecting the ralys and contractln? them ln a funnel. Mr. esla ls stlll pursu ug his researches and expects to ohtnln nvvn morn nnnsullnnnl results soon.