Tesla Ready To Try Transatlantic Talk

Friday, February 22, 1901
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The New York journal And Advertiser February ZZ 1901 London fm Portugal, and , ` Tells "Seto Up? Apparatus for " H I ~ America.. (SkQ¢Qu-|`Clb|Q to theiew Yorls_'Jonrna\ and' Advertiser.) I,ondon,' Feb.; 21.-James Galbraith; a New York electrician from' 'l'esla's Works, left London to~nlght,for Lln!5on'wlthVelec- trlcal apparatuator use infconnectlon with In mst \6f transatlantlc wlrelesg telezra- 'phy. Galbraith sold to the Journal corre- spondent; ‘_ “I am- esitabllshlng a recelvlng statlon on or about the fortleth parallel." Tesla, lar Q point exactly opposite on the New |England Coast, will try to set up commu- nlcatlon. _ "Tesla has not yet seen tit to dlsclose hlssystem or the details of the transmlt~ tlng and recelvlng apparatus, but the sys- tem ls s-lmple, llke al great discoveries. "Brleny, Tesla ls satlstled that the ether la the conductor of all forcc ln spnce, but ls not a conductor unless set In ugtatlon ln the direction to be travelled. e dls- covered that the other can be set vlbratlng in a strulght-.llnn ln -any distance ln, an areawxnrestrlcted to length but circum- scrlbed ln circumference. Suppose afshcll to be tired trom'Phlladel§>l1la to Llsbou, the path ofthe shell, lf nl ed with vibrat- ing ether. would, represent '1"esla‘s coo- ductor, A “He proposes zovescabllsn with une. set of apparatus a slender bridge ofether all aigulver with vlbratlons across the Atlantic. ere _la the conductor. Over _lt. he wlll tnulsmlt as over n cable or wlre electrical currents, whose. vlbratlnna belng lnnnltely slower than those of ether wll] pass over lt as`r>ver a road. That ls.lhe essence of Teslsfs theory. “I am permltted tosny nothlng of the marvellous apparatus which will perform tlmls sclentlllc miracle, lf, at my statlcn, I tlnel myself communicating with Tesla over the ether conductor, then, st that moment. space will be no longer untraversable: tn! very heavens may be opened up, Iorlt ls gms he purposes to bridge the gulf to urs." .1-5