Marvelous Ray Is Produced From A New Element

Friday, March 8, 1901
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The New York journal And Advertiser March 8. 1901 MlllVEll[ll|S llll l5l Plllllllllllll FllI]Nll NEW Elllllllillll. Renders All Transparent Sub- stances Luminous in the Dark-ll/lay Create a Greater Stir Than the X-Ray. Will Prove a Sure Test for Diamonds and Promises to Be of Great Value to Wire- less Telegraphy. Wsshlnglon. Mareln T.-A wonderful dll- epvery Ina been mano ln Berlla whlt~h_wlll 'argue as much of s lllr ln the aelentllle ‘World as ‘dld the Roentgrn ray. lan element lmn'beah\d|rcev\\red by which all transparent substances, by the use bt a e}-rtaIn_ruy,v~;au he made to.lhlan\u out-lt, ny nn-se rin lt ls nosslblsto dla» rtlngulsl; between lienulns and artlnclal ula- moalla In the dark. ’ I .'I'he dlscoyery may also revohrtlonllc the science of _wlrelesa telography. _Tho anym- terlaus Il¢'¢h_t hy whlch these wonders can be 'performed Is an element of the Beef querel rays., so called after the French ehemlst who discovered-them. News from_0ur Consul at Frankfort. The news of thlsdlscover! eanie to the State Department-from Rlchard Guenther, the~Unlted Btntes Consul at Frankfort, and ls publlshed ln the consular reports,u1' this date. Mr. Guenther, wrltlng ou January 31._ says: "A new technical journal, KlrchhoI!'s -Teehnlsche Blaetter, to be Issued wlthlu I lew days, will rontaln nn Interesting artl- cle concernlug the latest rays. "lu 1805 u I-‘reucll chemist dlseovered rags emanntlnpz from the element nranluus .\\' Ich possessed ,Properties slmllar to the ltoentgeu rays. hey were called Beezhue- rel rays. after thelr dlscoverer. But w Ile the d scovery ,ot lloentfen ,aroused great Interest In the whole cvlllzed world and led to radlcal changes In medical diag- nosls, the Biequerel rays 'were employed lonly In a mnnr way n ghyslcal labor- ntorlsa, and an assertlon y the French selentlat Demareays that they were not enlltted from uranlnm, but from a ne\v element, made-no Irnprehslon. Important Experiments ln Berlin. “Bez-ent experlments by the _Berlln Hlgh School of`Teehnolol;y have proven this as- sertion-thst a-new element ls responslblo for the Beequerel rays- nd th l t tl tact ima been observe; that" thegenralgg render allnoaferery transparent substance Iumlnous ln,,the darkness. “These rays- make It poasltrle to tell genuine diamonds from artlhe nl ones ln the dark. Thls wlll Prove of great praetlcal Importance In 105193. The experiments have also resulted In obtalnlng, for the arst tlme; larger quantities of the new element, whleh has demonstrated that rays emanatlng from s larger quantlty make the sIr such a conductor of eleetrlclty that It ls»h0I>2d't1J\l properly can be utlllaed ln wlreless telegraphy. “Experiments for thls purpose are bein: made In the Berlln Instltutlon, but tue deepest ‘secrecy ls malntalned eoneernln them. It ll Itated that the results wig soon be lald before the Emperor, whlch seems to lndleate that the dlseovery Is re- garded as one ot great Importance." Teals's Views on the Discovery. "All thls ls Interesting, If true," was the openlng remark of Professor Nllcola Tesla, last nlght, aa he proceeded to com. ment on the above dlspatch. “I am aware of the Beequerel results," he said, ‘fund also of the dlaeoverles of Corrie with respect to the prnpertleg gf nranlum and polonlum. These dlseovet-ers In presenting thelr results at that tlme conjectured that some other element mlghf be respoaslble for the Phenomenon oh- served. "I do not believe that thla tllseovery wlll be useful In wireless telelraphy. Ag n matter of fact, I thlnk that telegraphy wlt'h rays In general ls of Ilttle nraetlcal value. The Hertzlan telegraph! will ,mn be abandoned. as experhmentl have shown It to be llmlted to short dlstances, and that, for other reasons, It Is Incapabls of any valuable sppllcatlon for praetlcal corn. merela use. “In myf papers on the Lennard and n°,,,,.¢g»:n rays, which were published In the Electrleal llevlew two years ago, I ad- van':ed'a theory which la now beglnnlng to bo appreciated by sclentlne mea. I con. tended that all sources ol radiant energy, Includlng the aun andbodles at an appre- elably hllh temperature. 'throw ol! mlante partlelea ,ot matter. I explained than thla mattsrf-as was evldent fronilmir egpert- msnts-¢viras lot Jams, P""4°?a"°”Pz jb¢Ul|’\ gglltzrpp wla-V partlslssj muah' allliiiizfafoinoas