Cloudborn Electric Wavelets To Encircle The Globe

Sunday, March 27, 1904
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The New York Times March 27. 1 T0 fN0|RCl[ THE Gl0B[ This is Nicola Tesla s Latest Dream, V 1% and the Long Island Hamlet of ¥ 5 Wardenclyffe Marvels Thereat. ef rut" 0l0UDBORN lllCTRI0lWAVll[lS 0 (other ln the latent eleetrlelty from the nloudq and w\\h tha [lobe lteel! na a mrdlurn of tranemlaeloh toionvty lrletrauhlc mneagea, power lor comrnerclal lllfrtwoeea, or even the sound of the huhum vnlcr to tho utmoat oohllnra ol the eurth le .thilateat dream of Nlltula Teela, ln an artlcle whlch appenwea recently ln The llleclrlcal World Mr. Teala explelna the lhetzrlel on whlch the world lelelraphy ayntem la founded ana what hrexpecte to lreomplluh by lt. llll plane Involve the utabllahment or atatlone for the trunamln- lion of meeulre nnd power, "preferably near Important centres ot rlvlllzallun." Oddly enough. what Mr. Tesla proudlyder- lgnatt-pt nn the flrnt ol rommerclnl " world \eIr|'ra[~h)' " llatlola hue been ee- labllnhed at Wnnlenrlyfle, L. I.. whlrh' ll not ln any nrn»e‘an lmporlont _"centre ut t‘ ‘f_. via; tr! l 'ly _~\.. A, A. ,Q ~\}e "` ft' `f"" ` -in » ; flgapg . f ~ . ‘ , - _ ff»11‘** g __.;:_~_,,,___ ,oi _ Lu-;§-i ,,_,_,_, ’ TESLA'S MYSTERIOUS TOWER ‘Nlth the alll or thle structure the tnventor proposer to operate a eyetem of wtrelen telegruphy coverlnl all the berth