Letter: Tesla's Wireless Torpedo

Wednesday, March 20, 1907
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The New York Times March 20, 1907 TESLNS WIRELESS TORPEDU. Inventor Bays He Dld Bhow That lt Worked Perfectly. To IM Edllbr of TRI NPD Yort Tfmtff A report ln Tun Tumi ok this mornlflk nay: that I have attuned no pranllcel re- sults with my dlrlglble wireless torpedo. This statement shmald be quelltled. I hnve constructed such nwhlnee, Ind nhowm them ln operetlcn an frequent oe- culons. They have Worked perfectly. and everybody who saw them wus amend et their performances. It lu u-un that my effort: cc halve this novel moans lor lllldk and defense adopted by our Government have been 'un- succco|fuL but this ls no dlscradlt to my Invention. I hdvo spent years in fruitless endosvor bnfors the world recognized the value of my rotntlng_ field discoveries which are how universally applied. TM time is no( yet ripe for the telsutometkt nrt If lt! posslbllltlel wlrq lppreclntell me unions would not be lzulldlnx lmrge ; hnttlelhlps. Buch n flcntlng' fortress may be sale egnlnst an ordinary torpedo, but would bd helpless ln `a battle wlth lx machine which carries twenty tons~ot ci- ploslve. mqves swiftly under water. and ls controllegl with preclslnn by sn Operator beyond 0101 range or the largest gun. Al to P|OJ_8(7I||’l§ wave-energy to any pnrtlc\xlur_ region nt the globe, I hnvc given a éleur description of the means lxl technical publlcatlons. Nat only can this be done by the use of my de\'lces,'bu\ the spot an whlch the desired effect ls to be produced can be calculated very close# ly, assuming the accented terrestrial measurements to be correct. Thin, or course. we do within plant wlthln poulbl and in (erred l New ls not the cuss. _ Up to thls dey not know s.-diameter or the globe one thousand feet. My wireless will enable me to detsrrnlna ll fifty Kultur less, when lt wlll be e to rentlly many geodetlenl-dlue ako such enlculatlnns es those re- to wllth kreuter accuracy. Nllcom *rr:sLA. Yorlg, Merch lb. 1l\0TL