Letter: Nicola Tesla Objects

Thursday, May 2, 1907
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The New York Times May 2, 1907 NICOLI TESLA OBJECTS. -Thinks Ho Bhould Roeolve ¢r9€l¢ ht Hli Own -Inventions. :ra nd sanof' of na New you rum: _I ,have been much surprised to~r¢ad ku 'l‘uss"l'nas nt Bundny, April Z. that AA- mirsl H. bl.. Msnhey. U. B. N.. attributes d well'-lmovtx invention of mlne. s. procbu for the production of oontlnuou.l.slecn'1cl1 psclllstlons by means of the electric \r° and condenser, to' Valentine Paulsen, the Dbnlsb engineer This Improvement ng,- -been embodied by ms ln numerous forms btrsppardtus identified with my fnnms; und I, have described lt mlnutely lm pst- ent.s and sclentltle artlcles, To qubtb but one ol man; references, I mmy mention my experimental lecture on “Llght and Other Hlghufrequbney Phenomena." pub- llsrfgsd undeftne auspices of the Ffnllkllh Instituto uid ,thu National Elelttrlo Light Association, for vhlch both ol! these so- cletles hevo distlngulshed me. ~ I shAl‘Q`With Admlrn MBHHGY In (hi grstlflcatlon that we are ln the lend, and psrtlcularly that wlreless mes ages have been *transmitted from Pensnco n to Point Lome. ' Inasmuch, however, as tbls teal could_not have 'been accompllshed except by the uso ot some of my own devices, ll would have beenjn graceful act on hld pert to bring this (sat to the mtgentlon of the wlrelesl conference” My theory hal nlvuys been that mlllusry 'men are su* perlor to clvllluns`ln courtesy, I have not been discoursgcdby the refusal ot our Government to ndupt my wireless lystern slx years ago, when Lottered lt, nor by the unpleasant ~ prospect -or my passing 'through th.u experiences dewcrlbed by Mark Twain ln hls'story of the_beet conf tract. but I see no reason why I should be deprived of a. v/ell