Letter: My Apparatus, Says Tesla (Marconi not informed)

Friday, December 20, 1907
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The New York Times December 20, 1907 MARCONI NUI' INFORMED. “ An Achievement of Fsrdlesclslng ` Importance," If Claims Are Corftrt. Ta IM Hiller of The New York 1'Im¢1: , GLACE BAY. N. S.. Dec. 10.-As I um not Lomillnr 'wish the details of Prof. Poulson's wireless telephone I un nad ln t s. porlllon to give n dE!l‘n|!e opinlon thars- ' cn. but should hs accomplish whst hs! claims lt would he sn achievement of tlr- ' ‘ reaching lmportsmce. _ MARCONI. MY APPARATUSQ s/ws 'rEsL/t. r c°»mu¢n¢. Hin/ever, Thst wlrslsnl Telephony ls Entlrely Possible. To the Editor of TM New York Ttngu: -I have read wllh great Interest the fe- port ln your Issue of to-day that the Duh- lsh engl eer. Wnldemnr Paulson. the ht- ventor o the interesting device lmptnu nts the "tel:-graphone." has l\|C($€d0U»1h.\ t ansmlttilng acturntely wireless ulerhon- lc messa es over ln. distance 'ot 240 m les I havonlaolted up the dcscrtptloxn of the \ apparatus he han employed In these:- perlment and flnd thst lt, comprises: (l) My kroundud resonant tranmmltthiz blrcuit; (2) my lnducllve exblter; _(B) the , nb-called "Tesla tran|\formsr"; (4) rg lnductlvc calls tormatslnf the' tenslcm the condenser; (5) ml ent ra apparatus far Ft-oductng undsmhe or continuous oscil- atlons;-(6) my concatenated tunad truths- forming circu ts; (7) m (rpunapd r sa- nant receiving circuit? ?;3) my seqondary rccelvlni transformer. I nota other |,m~ provemr. ls of mlhe, but those mlgntlomrg wlll be sufficient to show that enmnr ls n. land of easy lnvsntlon. Tho elulm that transatlantic wlrelelt telephone serwlco wlll soon be esttahlllhtd by these means* ll A modest one. To my system distance has sbsohxtely~ no slf nlttcnneef My. own 1|/treless pl?nt WI] tmnsmlt spbechucross the .Pncx lc with the same ‘pre-clilon and uccurdcy ll across xt tab e. _ !gl~ZOLA TLEBLA. New York. Dec.1D,, 1 7.