Tesla Experiments With X-Rays

Wednesday, December 2, 1896
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The New York Tribune December Z, 1896 TBSLA'S EXI’ERfJlEN1'S wlru x mrs. "Tha Eleclrtcnl Review" w|U_ publish to-day n communlcallon by .Nlkoln Tesls cuneernln( hls re- cent experimenge wlih rays. He says thlt the eunbum effects observed In the use of the rays sn not due directly to the rayl. but to the Mano gene- raged by the' nyqsnd adds: "The oxpne, when nhundantly produced, ntt|cks._¢he',|kln and mln! organic subnsncn most eneI1'e¢lcslly.” By the use-at perfected oscllmtors, he |.aser!s_ “tho produo uarof osane In sn nbunasng :hu jr in sumclenl mérely to turn ,on the 'current lor n low seconds to stronlly ozonlxe the atmosphere ot A hue hall.” He hints at the Koselble manufacture of fertlllurs b the use of l e electrical current, and goes on: ‘ffl mere? ferllhsern ol the noll could be manu- I ctured n this msnner, the bendlzs to humnnlzy dgrlved therefrom would be inenlculuble." The Inventor does not thlnk It ls poeslule so mule the bllnd eee by mesns ul the X rsys because by mesns of xhe_ nys only the shadow of s small ah- jecz can be molested. He declsres ,thst he csnnpt confirm som A the exgerlmentl referred, snd re- merlu; n hsn Is put he are 'tha closed eyes It ls etey to dlsunxulshghe shxdon much the ssme uhefore the wht of n_csnd|e buf when the lube ls lncloud, sn ll the ll|ht‘ from the ssme excluded. I Isll M mt such an Impression. The letter ls, therefore. n d\y_due to ord nsry llgm."