Scientists Doubt The Human Soul Was Weighed

Sunday, March 17, 1907
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The New York World March 17, 1907 wnygualln. Nikola Tesla Considers the Statement Made by Five Boston Physlclans Too Absurd for Discussion. DR, I. K. FUNK, IF DYING, WOULD WELCOME TEST. Dr. Carleton Slmon Thinks De- flaftlon ol TN Lungs May Have Caused Phenomenon. THE HUMAN ESUUL ,A snbjeéf oi vldanraal dleeuslns lustns' the N-lt voelt was the statement published ln The World that Ilvo Boston iyeldans el Iso hléalt standing new attained ihll they hold to be MMVI nelults ln enalhlahlns we sight el the mman soul. Dr. laaae K. hm! was intensely ln- tereeted, but he Aald to a World rv DUN!!! "1 pannot accept thls experiment or egrlee ot experiments s dedalve. I should like to ses e tholfush investin- tlon‘ made by other ,IC-IEDUIU. lllnd you. i do not say that lt ls lfrvoeile. I only say tfhu. it ls not oonoludvel l have noaoubt mat there _are other formallonq oo flna that our lrotlr lenses do not haha oolnlaance ot them. “It all becomes s queatlon o( vibra- Lions. To make myael! more clear, I esn- not do batter than oooh Blr Wllllua Crookse. who when elected President ot §fltlA!\ Asoerladon sald ln hh N- markabla Address that all ot the phen- omena ol the nnlvoree are vfoeumabl! waves and vlbnmool. "1 personally. lf I were dylhl. "GUM not ln ons lout mlnd doctors maklnl the srperlrasnt. My bed mlm' be placed onde-Hestaly adjusted scales, and any dlkermce after maklns all solen- tlllo allowances carefully noted." Prof. John"D. Quackenbds saldi "1 dd not Allaah any ‘thrnortsnea to K. "The experlment ls subject to so mnny errors that lt ls not dependable. The wellht ol the human body varies All. the tlrne. Sometimes your clothes feel tlsht and at others loose. so, (or that reason alone. the conclusion ar- rived at ls _erroneous . "W¢.must get A clearer dennltlon of what ls meant by the soul. 1 do not lor one Instant belleva that the a.s¢.r`al body any weight. "fn MY °P‘nlon l! thla experiment were true there would be A dllerenoe of welsh! when A man ls asleep. for I believe that durlng hll sleeplng hours there ll a tambflrarf dlseouaollon of I-he soul and the body." lo Loss el Wsllltt lays Tesla. Nlkals Tesla, dlscuaslng the subject sald: 'fthal An Lgirrfation of lboughu and (aellnn having no ma- terlallt, and vaguely designated ss mind. or soul. should ha A substance susceptible of quantlutlvs detsnnlna- don ls snonlhar too IKUXG lor dl:- cuaslon. I I ‘The chanse. however. which takes Place ll _the human body during lu a\r1uI Lranaltlod from llfe to death ls a :Nat aubloct lor sclenunc lnvesllgb dan whlch may roelbly lean tg gm. portant rasutts. l the experiments ol tnalassanhuaettsph lclansantobs E $.|*f19\lL7 eonezsznd. lt ls only "1 como not help being- struck br the tact that man of A Aelenuno eel- xzrlmnmnnulwnqulx “ln “g“"f.=° e dellcacy and skll. lhoafd not be corrof spondlngly resourceful tn dlvlal the apparatus for the Purpose. A re- sponding to the wetlht of one-tenth of Anl‘tm=?u;.: :ot A dt fnltrumenl (or we uman sou . "It ls not laas astonlahlnsuthat such tntned observers should ve ovar- loolted A trlv1a.l cause responsible for the aeemln¢ llshtanlngx ot the body. I use this term eslgt y, for excepdns the sxudallona wh h have been taken Ingsuionalderaidohhthsn was no lou at su nca n es . "When rlxor mortls nets In there la un xnzrease or volume for vadous rea- sons, Just to Fvo A rough idea. l shall assume that he llvlnsi body. \vu|¢hln5 say la: gounos. had llnd a space n three cu lu: loot. The alr ln s Alek room may welsh about fourteen ounces per cuolc toot. Half An ounce of the alr would cousegxentlf occupy a span of slxtY~tvo cu lc nches. snd that would be only one Dt! cent. ot the orl - lnal volume of thne ublo het. A.l wal readily be men. Avery slllht funeral do. lormatlon of the body, scarcey per- cepubleg laadequate to explsln‘the pus- xllnx o aervetlun. The sudden tlpplng o( the scale demouaLrA!es nothlng ex- cept the uoarseneas of the _lnn.rument. Had the balance been vary senlltlvey ow- lng to the resistance o the slr, the platform would have ascended slowly." Aboard. ky: Dr. slmen. Dr. Carleton Simon eald: "lr thus experlmenta were performed honestly.. that Ll to ily lf UNIV- were genuine, there can only be one emclualon. and that ls that the loss of we1|ht_ls due to the fact that tae lungs are danatsq. “During llfe th e ls slwayg a car. iln smounrnr slr- held In suspension In l. e lungs, that ls, outside the slr that Ls regularly inhaled and exhaled. and there must necessarily be at great alt- grem In wewrt -when this slr leaves e . a"I! thls dltference ln welght after death ls serlously attributed to the loss ol the soul, 1 can. only lluallfy the whole roncl\;?gnc::Ha.:;urd."h il Ik. ern! Tl on. v o assaelge of Prof. James H. I-Haig; ang has'-boon prominently ldentlnel wnh peyehleal research, on the other hand. was enthtllntlo, and doscrlbod the most lmportant thn exbfrlment nl ldditlnn lo aclenco the world hu ever Known. He. however, suggested that mg gsxgcrlment wus not conclustve. M me' ject: were lll and practically moribund. and therefore demmvodltlon might set ln the Instant nfler rlenth. S¢l\es lly' Hlva loc: Illuelezd. A Well-known Newark Bclentlst who does not wish his name plbnsnen. lald: "The dllhrenea ln wvellha, even of an °un¢e, ln lhs several subjects' bodles Immediately -after deatil oortalnly W' pearl rwmarkanla lf not attributable to ,,,,.,,, ,,¢ha.» pluyalul lnnuem-¢¢.. a phenomenon per so seems lll~adap\e.\ m ¢g|p¢\ what tn vor! man! people ll s.n article or talth. lnmelr. the con- y,¢¢|°n that Lhelr souls. whlle bells( rul and subzhanlzalf an uevertnoless imma. tertal A therefore non-suscepllola to syaco or scales. "Jus prvclaely s¢hAt_calculAtl|f w» me mln, renee etl the DFPVVI" ':mm»-nt ll le supposed oo, have. he ll nn: r-ualble that the mechan-| lem of three ‘xlzhly aensltlvo scales may bavn bean inhuman by mme ohyaloal ayrnm- apart from the sublet-I under ex-l pc-rlment that req§\!\~d the etmetlon of' the o!>rrr\'nru. ur elhl vNe¢mat\l~_ was Khn hum' slow-»r to anlt the (IMI than that of the others? _ ' Q}{|»sre-vrr the: may be, one cannot rea\lll\' bt-eonte rec nodes to the rather smgular thnnrv put forward by Dr. Dun. mn Msehouaal ln regard tn this latter ease. vls: that the soul namalnsd 'IDI- penned' ln the Indy After death, Barely it death mram pure snd eémnla 'the separation of soul and bod? the ldoa of th\s`x\artl1:ul»|» soul baht I1-\|\.°"15~\d ln thL| oartteutar md! ls te__the Ul'dl~ any indlvlduel mooaeetv-able.