Letter: Tesla's Wireless Patents

Tuesday, October 29, 1907

The New York World October 29, 1907 T¢sla's Wireless Patents. '1‘o¢be~DdlLorof'1`ho'W0t‘|d: AJ bilflhf in-tlmotely on the report In your hmm of oven tlto that my Lowor is to be sold Kor $129.81 on Dec. 9, which. to use Mark 1\wa1n's phrln, in '*|1'oa.l.ly unnamed,” your renders aight by inhuratod to know chu, among others, the followlzg patent: on wireless tn/mmlndon, Qrantorma/don and utillzmdon of mn!! have 'boon gnnbedmo mn ln me Ulltod States: Non. 568.176, 568.178, 568.179, $08.33. 577, 670, 046.576, 648.621, 885.686, 65.954, 728.188, 7¥5.®6.< 757.411 'Rule documents, mon euvfully drum with the ullotanoo or some ot tho lblat ntwmcyl, out forth clearly my fundamental ldlscovsdas on which this novo! an is lbapod, ind give a futh- rnl dnmrlptlon at my procenu, ap- parwtun ind experiments. thu: endbllng expert: not only to fluh 'Y"|'9|1?ll tole- grwphlc and telephonic messages to any rllntance. but alla bo tfannrnlt power in unlimited amounts and with -the 'highest economy. COU|ee of than speolflcutlonn can be readily obtained by addressing a. cour- teoul request to the Honorable Commis- sioner ot the Patent Omen, Wumngton, D. C.. incloaing SLN postage nunw. NIKOLA TEST,/\. New Yort. Oct. 27.