What Science May Achieve This Year

Sunday, January 9, 1910
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The New York World January 9, 1910 11.23 :-ii _ , "5:"* ," uw .».<=a:' =_ .=.'~_: ' »:u- _ .- 45. .»-... .' :"`\ " » ` . ar- fl if we ° . .+;11r ig , I ,, `\1;§ I ,A 1 .15 '-t. < _ , ) .',_.lll. ,\.~ q _ A . §» > lm” : w K; _ 2 :€A.#` , ,_¢ .,._ x ,,,_ ,>_;»___ -_ I . 1; -_ __ v_=_, 1 V ___. 7 ;,,.,, . _ > , n ' A l __ <§;§?.;, 3 Z. , O ., . , - _, _ f.. ._,,, , . ‘ ’ ,_ J Aéw ec/§`E7%/ a/ /W/new = fb/' at _ I < 'U f` f ~i ~ T 913 f£e C P6 v / 0 /le (gg 9 ° _ I t l L I \ I f' { , l l 3 l , ' , i _ H15 apread of clvlllzatlon may be llkgnud cent. The cnhltuut of englnea oa.rrIoa 03 more many lhll vbtalnod from llvu ,.' -' °~ to mul or mo: |-1m u feuble apart, num swam. ,I _ 3-L ~ 3 |1\¢-k¢»f|ng name, than a mlgllty blaae, In many -mode-rn plarata the power hu been actually doltzlod by cbviatlng ‘I \ ever lncreulng In uneodmnd powar, wg U; Lllln waxtr. but the lnaohlnary employed In cumbersome and expensive, Th. 1 now In t.hIa ‘Iaat phase of development, manufacture of Ilght la I-rl a barharous Italo of Inverfoodoa and thla ma; ,Q Human aotlvlty -has lbolzome so wldeaprgad also he said of many lnduxrial processoa. Conslder yuat ona case, the manu- ` »g_ " and lntenae :hm years count as centurlou or lacwre 01 iron and strc!- ' " 1 progreus, There In no more groping In the dark Amfflfl r\I'°4 Hnlvrvllmltely :0.0tl0.000 tons of our lmn lm' roar. Harm =` ‘ or aculdonlal stumbling upon dIacn\~erlgg_ 'nle ton uf Imn roqulrca about one and a half toms of coke and each ton of coke " , /'H ‘ »ru~ul\_. fnLlow one lmuuwr lute me llnks or u 00° “nd H hw lem of <>°\\- P\==»f¢- In vwvvdlng mu lron mul-ln-l. T°~ll1°,al0 - ;` _. _ chain. Such ls the force of acbumulated knowl- £0118 0f ctlll nor annum, Or H3 wr! ver minute. are cutuumnl. In the iv ' ; odgo and nu: lnslglht mm natural law, .nd manufacture or cone u lun or oou ylulau. roughly, l0.0u0 cable feet of (aa , 1' phenomena that future events a.re,ultarly pro- of a mean heating value nf 600 nent unlta per oubu; fog; ;_~»\ jwlvq before our vl¢1°n_ Tp fgrewll vt-lm; lg Bmrlug ln mind lhll 133 -tons Us used ver mlnute. Llu~ total Imax unng ' romlng would be no more uhan to draw lnglwl developed In that tlmo would be ‘I)B,ll00.00tl, Lne rneohanlual equlvalent of (.0m|u,)(,m,_ wwe 54 nu; for me (1|m¢ul|;y pn wlnloh da about 19,000,000 homeiwwor. By Lhe use uf Lhe new prlnclple ,Mm-slayy gxlng me “me of mx~qmp||§)\m¢n¢_ 7,000,000 horse-potrer might be rendered avaliable. A s|mLIar oondltlrrn exlxu Tlll: wractlcal nuccow of an Idea. trreapec- live of lu Inherent me~rI't. ls de-pendant on Lhe a.tLItu‘le of the contenfporarlcs If tlmely It Is qulcltly adopted; If nut, It Is apt to fare llko a sprout lurod our of the ground by warm sunshlne, only to Ibe Injured and retarded ln I!! grnwtll by the succeedlng from. l\nnLher`de\errnInlnG` factor ls one amount of change lnvolvcd In Its lntmductlon. To meet with In-' stan! success, an Invcntloxl or pllsvoverl’ m“5‘ °”m° “Ol Ullll' 85 A \'8l1U\'1ll DU! I welcnnle solutlnn. The your 1310 1\~IlI mark the advent of such an Idea. lt Ia a new mecnanlcal prlnelple, Slnve the time of Archimedtw contarn elementary dcvlcos were known, whit-Il wart- r\n»\IIy reduced to two, ullc .lever .and the Incllnod plunr. Another vlament ls to bl added to lhvfle vvlllclt irlll glve rIse to new cvncrptlonll and pmflllmuy ,mul butyl 'mu pf~u.~uml und tneorqtléul sole-me or mochanlus. This n0\'t| princlplc lat mapallle of crnbodlmvrai In lll klnds and t`l|.s\!r\S of mmlhlllvry. lt will revolutlcmlze rho propulsion apparatus on vmselll. Lhc Iooamotlve passenzrr t-au a-nd the automobile. It v\'Ill gl\’u ua a practical Hy- lnlr nlachlne entirely different from r-hose made heretofore In operation and cnntrnl. A t‘Dntrl\‘ant't> having mithlng in trofhitwrn -Nlfh lhe >||0rvplah(' tar 4lIr1'.:lhlt‘. Mwlft, small and coxnflct and §0 atafe ihll »\ glrl Ylll bt able to fly In lt to school wlulmul. the go\'e.rnmt‘t~>%ar)‘ In full' comfort and Safe rxlxkmtf ls largely dertvfd from t‘0itl. ln Lhls Country altine nrirly one mllllbll Inns of I.hL4 ‘llle-e\u4tdn~ Ing mlttrrial am tlaily Pxtr:A<‘Ir‘~d from the b0\\'|‘ls nf hh! t‘l\l'*t.l\ l\'ll.h pllll and Mtlrlnw. -run Is lmolit not-on nummt lol-lu por mluulr. roprtwunuug a t|\t~uretit‘Al activity uf. Bay. Your htlnglrdl and flfly mllllon hlrrae-fpvltr. Blll only 1 .~m:tIl pmu-ulltuu ur ull: It u¢=.»rull,- appllod. In llmtinz. must nf t{l\- pn-rIou:< 5-ne-r~.:y escapes lhrouzh the flur The vlllmnvyx uf Nv‘\\' Yllrk Ully null ullt into Kllf llr srverlil mllllmt -h0rs¢~p0Ir" ln the use uf rllal fur rl0\I\'¢r |lur|wst':|. wr hanlly rllrturv more \hl.n ll) ptr NBQATESLA In the hlaast furnaces. Whltfh LN but gil ducos appmxlmatcly 11,000 cubic ron of 160 unlts. corn-apondtng to a Lneorzvucal D! which not less lhln lfk00LI mlghl ‘be referred tu, The power oe-rlvud by rhls retorts. A furnace of 200 tolu pro- Ku ner mlnute of a heat value of ,performazxw of (0,000 -horse-power, utlllnd bn the unpl-ovod .mud-utuu method from ||.l.l blast. l'\|rllu:<‘s In Ula Unlted Stated would bl: Cnnaldbnbly drove 5,000,000 fi>rx4e-power. The nreuedlug nsures. ilmzl are consvrvatlve. anon nnuru 'would be poalylble to obtaln l2\000,000 horse-power :navel-y from Lhe waste gases In the lroca and mx: manufacture. rho vthae or nun www, ialrly estimated. Is $130,000,000 per annum. and u élusv. be mae wonh muon more ny qu- trmartlc cxploltatkm. _ A part of the power could be advantaseoualy employed for operatin; (Jn- blowers. rollers and`otll<~r Indlspenaahle manhtnery and supplying electricity for ml¢llv.lfu:. stool muklng una othrr purposes. 'mo bull; might ln- uw.; .n the manufacture of nltrlrtos, aluminium. carbide; and Ice. The pmducxlnn of nltraltea would be particularly valuable from the polnt of Huw nf natlonal economy. Asslxnulz that 5,000,000 hone-power were apportloned liur un; purpose, tlhe annual yield would be not lean than l0.000.000 tons of t~onrnrl- trated nllrlt: compound udoquute lf. fn-tulxlng 40_ooo_|»o0 afmoor larul ,t gl-un uuoouf-14.-¢~nl¢nt would no gn-on to ugrlcunun ana una obualuun of tur- ateel and lmn workers am(-llorstui by offering to the-m frrt[I\u~r at n ~rr» duced rate. thus rnabllng them to cultlvrte t‘hrIr farms wlth exusptlonal prd\L Other rout-.»ull-now me nooouultlm. as llght. power .leg .na ozonlml wluar. could be almllatrly offered and numeaoua other \m|xo\'ament.s. both m the adlilrtl-IC! of Capital and llbor, Clrrkd nut. To wprvclate the above lt should be borne In mlnd that Ehq lron and steel ‘lndustry la ona of the best rrxulated ua the world. In many other holds the waste La even greatvr. For cxampIe.1n the Wfntlbn of steam railroad. not Iona than 98 per rent. uftha total cnergy-of :ual burned In l»,q_ /In gum-mo", “_,-ma mum be meotoo ny ruplaclng me plana; appanru. with uolv gm tuttiltwa and olfhrr Improved devlcea for tranxrnltllng and storing mvénlanlcal merit ` A aftldy of thln subject €rIIl convince that for the tlmc belng, at least. t-here Ia more opportunity for Inventlon bl the utlllaatlon or a-alue »""' than In thc npenlng up of , hull Xu\0tll'C¢~l,