Letter: Tesla Demands An Apology

Saturday, November 26, 1898
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WESTERN ELECTRICIAN November 26» 1898 Tesla ljemands an Apology. Nikola Tesla has a grievance. He resents the imputation that he ls a llumbug. and proclaims hlm- self a “Christian and philosopher," eltlng ln sup- port of this assertion the fact that numerous ol- lcnses against llls dignity and personal wishes hzlve been comlnltted by those who have posed as his lrlclltls, but that ll\ every ease he has forgiven tllelll freely. Ill lllrlller proui of his forbearance lle rlcclares his wllllllglless to extend pardon for tlle last offense and restore llle errlng ones to favor, con- illtluned, llowevcr, upon the publication of a “com- plete and hunlhle apology." Mr. Tesla has furnished the Westerll_ Electrician the following copy of a let- ter upon this subject whlel\ ls sell~explanatory:. To the Erlilor uf llle Electrieal En insert By puhhahing in your columns ofnovemher rylh my recent eon- tribution to the Electrodherapeutlc society you have finally anoeeeqerl-aner many vain attempts made during o number of yenrofm causing mr n serious Injury. lt has eoar me rreui pains io write llmi paper and l have orpeelea to see lt npoonr among other dignified coutrihutionsol its kind, and. I confess, the wouu is deep. But you will have no opporiunily lor lnllioling a similar one, as I propose to take heller care ol my papers in the future. lll what mannerlou have secured this one in advance of other eleelrioal perio ioals who had an enualrighl zolhe some rests with the eeerelury of the roeieiy io explain. Your editorial comment would not concern meinlhe lelslwere iz not my duty tu take nale of It. On more lhan one occasion you have offended me, but ln my qualities both “Christian Ind philosopher l have always forgiven you and have only plnea you lor your errors. Thistime, though. your olienee is grayer than the previous ones. for yon have dared lo easi e shadow on my honor, No oouhl you must have in your possession. from che illualrlour men whom you ouoie. tangible proole ln support or your stale meulrelleohrnr on my hnnesty. Being a bearer of arent honors from la number of American universities. it in my duty, in view of tlv slur thus east n\pon them. to exact from you that in your next issue yun produce t xese, tozelher with this letter! which, lurjustiee to myself. l am forwarrlinilo other electrical lournale. ln the ahaenoe ui euoh proofs, w ich would pnr me in ihe position to seek redress elsewhere, l require thai. together with l re preooa» ing, ou puhlieh instead a complete and humble apology for your insullinz roiunrle, which relleeia an me as well as on r ioeo who honor mo. _ Gn this condition I will again forgive you. but I would ldvlse you to limlt yourself in your fulurealtackstn statements lor whirh you ure not liahle lo he punished bylaw. New York, November IS, 1898. N, TESLA.