The Tesla Society UK partners with Mindscape Magazine

Good News Society members!

Our Commitment

Since about April 2014, last year, we at The Tesla Society UK have been committed to the important celebration of Nikola Tesla and other inventors, scientists, engineers, artists and philosophers all over the world, now we have started to go international we really are getting the attention from one coast to another. This is truly excellent news and it is an indicator to us all of what is yet to come.

The Association

So it brings me great pleasure to be able to celebrate The Tesla Society UK's association with Mindscape Magazine . Although talks are still going on behind the scenes, we are all very excited at The Tesla Society to seize the opportunity to make available even more important information to an even wider audience for those young scientists, philosophers and artists out there. We believe the important testaments and achievements of Nikola Tesla have a permanent place in the hearts of their readers in what we hope may eventually be a permanent arrangement. Where the best articles written by members in the society, and by our volunteer staff are selected each for each issue in a grand competition of the minds. Our codeword for our association with the magazine. Also readers will be able to look forward to more articles written by the Editor of the Society , Adam Bull. We hope that this can inspire our own 10,000 or so readers to become writers in the important matters of science and discovery in their issue, and truly take after the man they celebrate. Nikola Tesla.

A Privilege and Pleasure

It's obviously a great privilege and a pleasure for us to be able to take up this offer and we see it is a wonderful opportunity to get more people engaged in the science of the matter! Pun intended! The universe, and the future of humanity our species of civilisation for all was not just an extremely important and passionate subject for Mr. Nikola Tesla, but it is in fact an important one which is relevant and meaningful to people all over the world today, as our technology is quickly outpacing our biological evolution. It is probably fair to say that nobody really knows what to expect next in the advancement of our civilisation. But of course, Mr. Tesla has done a rather prophetic job of predicting many of these miracles today, which makes more than his case study interesting and important, but something of required reading!

A big thank you to Lauretta Sela and Amanda Owen for making this all possible, and also all of The voluntary Staff of The Tesla Society UK that has made this possible.

Best Wishes,
Adam Bull,
The Tesla Society UK