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A merry Christmas to you this festive time at The Tesla Society UK.

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Eric Dollard - Tesla Seismic Warning System 2.0

Last year on 15th February 2014 EPD Laboratories, the 501(c)3 registered non profit scientific organisation, successfully raised $25,000 for Eric Dollard's Advanced Seismic Warning System Invention which was based on the Alexanderson overground Antenna as well as the Tesla antenna system.

Celebrating our 1st Year Annivesary

Hurrah! The Tesla Society is celebrating it's 1st Year Anniversary at! Show your support by getting one of our 100 limited Edition Tesla Society T-shirts and also get a free life time membership to the society with an official certificate!

The Tesla Society is growing fast...

Welcome to your critical resource for information, news and current events relating to Nikola Tesla and the wireless free energy that was suppressed since about 1917.
The Tesla Society is growing fast and we have some exciting new member services coming to the website, so please watch this space. For now you can login to discuss with the thousands of other tesla society members on facebook here:



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Member for: 6 years 5 months
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